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Final Update – 9:07 AM Weds.: Obama ends up winning MO over Clinton, and Alaska goes to Romney and Obama.

Update 37 – 12:14 AM: Fox just called CA for Hillary and McCain, with about 15% reporting.

Also, the polls will be closed in Alaska in about 15 minutes.

I’m wiped out and headed for the pillow. I may check in later if I’m having trouble sleeping, but somehow I doubt that will happen ;) See you in a few hours to follow up on today’s events.

Update 36 – 12:03 AM: Looks like McCain will win MO, while Clinton may squeak by there as well. 96% are reporting.

Here’s how CA looks right now.

Update 35 – 11:58 PM: I had to mute Obama’s speech to his supporters in Chicago, right about the time he started promising Socialist solutions to America’s problems. Not only that, but he starting lying about the Republican candidates, taking John McCain’s “hundred years in Iraq” comment out of context, and lying about the tax breaks Republicans are talking about renewing for the American people. Obama’s speech tonight provides a reminder to anyone who thinks Obama is a candidate for “change” is deluding themselves, because he will lie just like the rest of them, and the only “change” and “reaching across the aisle” he plans on doing is reaching across to the few Republicans he’ll need to pass his liberal agenda.

Another interesting thing is that while most of the candidates gave about five minute speeches, his has gone on for close to 15 – proving that he knows if he keeps talking, he can keep mesmorizing people with his empty rhetoric while ignoring his thin political record. In fact, there are several people in the screenshot behind him who look like they’re about to faint in adoration.

Update 34 – 11:50 PM: CNN calls CO for Romney. Geraghty has a count of the states won by the Republican candidates. His post on the Dem wins is here.

Update 33 – 11:44 PM: CNN calls Idaho for Obama.

Update 32 – 11:27 PM: MSNBC has called AZ for Hillary. The St Louis vote must be coming in, now, as McCain is now slightly in the lead in a very tight race in MO.

Update 31 – 11:13 PM: Fox calls CO for Obama. CNN calls MO for Hillary. Keep your eye on CA. We likely won’t know the winner of CA tonight, they had over 3 million absentee ballots submitted by last night.

Update 30 – 11:09 PM: Fox has called Montana for Romney.

Update 29 – 11:00 PM: The CA polls close.

The Obama campaign is claiming that so far tonight they are up in the delegate count 606-534. ABC’s delegate scorecard says something different. 66% reporting.

McCain is barely edging out Huckabee in MO, while Hillary is ahead on the Dem side there, but St Louis has not reported yet.

Update 28 – 10:49 PM: Take a look at MA. Loser of the night? The Kennedy endorsement.

Update 27 – 10:42 PM: TN and GA are called for Huck, AZ is called for McCain. Looks like those bad exit polls coming out of AZ that showed McCain in trouble were just that – bad.

Update 26 – 10:38 PM: Sorry – took a little break … Fox earlier called MN for Obama, and ND for Romney. Romney is currently making a speech to a group of supporters, and is saying he will be in this this ’til the end’.

Update 25 – 10:18 PM: Fox calls CT for Obama.

Update 24 – 10:09 PM: Huckabee is speaking right now to a group of supporters. In the meantime, Fox has called AL for the Huckster. The story of the night, in addition to who wins CA, is that Mike Huckabee is the second man in this race, not Romney.

Romney has to do well in CA tonight in order to remain a viable candidate.

Update 23 – 10:04 PM: Fox calls ND for Obama.

Romney is bombing big time in the South, and coming in third just about everywhere. Huckabee is currently leading in TN, GA, MO, and AL.

Update 22 – 9:57 PM: Fox calls OK for McCain. I’m waiting for them to call GA for Huckabee. UT has been called for Obama and Romney.

Update 21 – 9:40 PM: Fox calls KS for Obama.

Ok, I’m taking my own little poll here at the ST blog: Tell me how you pronouce Missouri. Do you say “Missoura” or do you say “Missouree”? Rove and Wallace, and Carl Cameron have been calling it “Missoura.” I’ve always called it “Missouree.”

Update 20 – 9:28 PM: Fox just called AL for Obama.

Hotline On Call has the exits from Arizona, where the race is tight for both parties.

Update 19 – 9:18 PM: Fox is calling NY for McCain.

Update 18 – 9:11 PM: Fox is calling NJ for Hillary. Huckabee, IMO, is on his way to winning in GA. So far, this has not been a great night for Romney.

Update 17 – 9:01 PM: CNN is calling NY for Hillary. Huge.

Fox is calling DE for Obama.

Update 16 – 8:52 PM: Fox just called MA for Hillary. I think she’ll take NJ as well.

Update 15 – 8:45 PM: Polls close in 15 minutes in AZ and NY, and the caucus doors “close” In MN, MT (GOP), ND, and NM (Dem). Huckabee is making a strong showing in GA, and is in the lead right now with 25% reporting (ahead of McCain by about 9K votes).

Update 14 – 8:36 PM: Fox calls DE for McCain.

Here are more exits from Geraghty, which includes a surprising tie between Romney and McCain … in Arizona.

Update 13 – 8:30 PM: Polls close in Arkansas. Fox is calling the state already for Hillary and Huck.

Update 12 – 8:13 PM: MSNBC has retracted their call for OK to go to Hillary. Interesting.

Here’s a reminder as to which SDT states are winner take all.

Update 11 – 8:02 PM: Fox, other nets, call several states: NJ, IL, CT for McCain. AL for Huck. MA for Romney. TN and OK for Hillary and IL for Obama.

Update 10 – 8:00 PM: Polls close in the 9 states I mentioned earlier. Huckabee is in the lead in GA with 2% reporting.

Update 9 – 7:50 PM: Geraghty explains how GA’s delegates are divvied up.

Update 8 – 7:40 PM: I swear, this marathon blogging almost makes me wish I drank coffee ~o)

20 minutes til polls close in the following states: AL, CT, DE, IL, MA, MS, NJ, OK, TN. That’s when we’re really going to see what the night will shape up to be like for the candidates.

Update 7 – 7:26 PM: Votes are starting to trickle in from GA. Keep refreshing that page for updates.

Update 6 – 7:23 PM: A victory for voter ID in GA, via WMGT:

Today’s election is the first true test of Georgia’s voter ID law requiring photo identification at the polls.

This is actually the fourth contest since the law was approved by a federal judge in September. But it’s the first statewide vote under the new rules.

Opponents of the photo ID requirement argue that the law could disenfranchise the poor and elderly. They believe the rush to polls of what’s expected to be more than a million voters could offer a chance to prove their point.

For state election officials who insist they’ve done their best to publicize the new requirements, the election is the best opportunity to show they’ve made good on the promise.

The argument has also been that voter ID laws had the ‘potential’ to disenfranchise the black vote. Doesn’t look like that happened.

Update 5 – 7:05 PM: Check and refresh the CNN results page for vote numbers as they come in from GA. Check this site, too. Major Garrett on Fox is reporting that the Clinton camp is now “very worried” about NJ, where they thought they were going to do well but apparently have gotten some inside info that it’s going to be tighter than they thought it would be.

Update 4 – 7:00 PM: Fox News and CNN both are projecting Obama will the primary in GA, where polls just closed.

Update 3 – 6:49 PM: Bad night for Hillary ahead? Drudge posts exit numbers:

Alabama: Obama 60, Clinton 37… Arizona: Obama 51, Clinton 45… Connecticut: Obama 53, Clinton 45… Delaware: Obama 56, Clinton 42… Georgia: Obama 75, Clinton 26… Illinois: Obama 70, Clinton 30… Massachusetts: Obama 50, Clinton 48… Missouri: Obama 50, Clinton 46… New Jersey: Obama 53, Clinton 47…

Here’s more, via MyDD.

Geraghty’s got tons of numbers on Republican exits (h/t: Memeorandum), and ends his post with a statement I echo:

I can’t believe I have to write this, but if you’re in a state that votes today and you haven’t yet, go out and vote. Don’t let some report on a blog discourage you from exercising a right that our forefathers fought and died for.

10 minutes til the polls close in GA.

Update 2 – 6:38 PM: Drudge has an unlinked headline that reads “Obama large in some exit polls.” I heard this on Fox News a few minutes ago, too, but they said they were still crunching the numbers and that Obama’s presence in the exit polls may be overstated.

Update 1 – 6:30 PM: 30 minutes til the close of polls in Georgia, a state which is expected to go for Obama (a la South Carolina), due primarly to the high percentage of black voters, and a state where Mike Huckabee has been competitive.

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