Someone please buy Joe Biden a clue – Second Request

Joe BidenRemember yesterday’s gaffe-filled diatribe by Obama surrogate Joe Biden regarding Middle East issues?  Well, Biden’s at it again today, and it has only gotten worse.  In response to the letter Senator Jim DeMint, a McCain surrogate, sent to Barry Oh! regarding his lack of holding a single policy/oversight hearing on Afghanistan since he was given the role of Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Subcommittee on European Affairs back in January 2007, Biden wrote a letter addressed to Senator DeMint in an attempt to bunk DeMint’s claim:

“On the particular issue of NATO’s mission in Afghanistan,” writes Biden, “We have held three Full Committee hearings in the last 22 months: one under Senator Lugar’s chairmanship (September 21, 2006: “From Coalition to ISAF Command in Afghanistan: The Purpose and Impact of the Transition”), and two undermine (March 8, 2007: “Afghanistan: Time for a New Strategy?” and January 21, 2008: “Afghanistan: A Plan to Turn the Tide?”).  At all three of these hearings, we were fortunate enough to have the expert testimony—in addition to other witnesses, both in and out of government— of former NATO commander and Supreme Allied Commander-Europe, Gen. James R. Jones (USMC, ret.). At my request, Senator Obama chaired the confirmation hearing for our next ambassador to NATO, which he focused on NATO’s mission in Afghanistan.”

Uh … slight problem with that answer, though.  Jake Tapper writes:

But Biden’s letter brought attention to the fact that Obama did not attend two of those three hearings — and for the third, on March 8, 2007, Obama only asked one question, one unrelated to Afghanistan.

How do I know the latter fact? From an August 2007 press release from Biden himself, when he was running for president.

“BIDEN CAMPAIGN CONGRATULATES SEN. OBAMA FOR JOHNNY-COME-LATELY POSITION,” it read. Noting that at the March 2007 hearing, “Sen. Obama asked one question that was unrelated to Taliban or Afghanistan.”

Oops.  8-}

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