Liberals are losing it – PLUS: “Joking” about gang rape?

Brought to you by the party that “is welcoming of all points of view”:

—— WCBS interviewed the race-baiting, embattled House Ways and Means Committee Chair Charlie Rangel earlier today, and here’s what he had to say when asked about Gov. Palin and her popularity:

In a CBS 2 HD exclusive interview Rep. Rangel called Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin “disabled.”

The question was simple. Why are the Democrats so afraid of Palin and her popularity.

The answer was astonishing.

“You got to be kind to the disabled,” Rangel said.

That’s right. The charman of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee called Palin disabled — even when CBS 2 HD called him on it.

CBS 2 HD: “You got to be kind to the disabled?

Rangel: “Yes.”

CBS 2 HD: “She’s disabled?”

Rangel: “There’s no question about it politically. It’s a nightmare to think that a person’s foreign policy is based on their ability to look at Russia from where they live.

Keep in mind that this is the same “distinguished” liberal who said of VP Cheney back in October 2005: “I would like to believe he’s sick rather than just mean and evil.[…] And sometimes I don’t even think Cheney is awake enough to know what’s going on.”

What a class act. Or part of that, anyway (if you catch my drift).

—– What are elite liberal women in NYC saying about Gov. Palin? The NY Sun’s Josh Gerstein has the scoop:

“All of my women friends, a week ago Monday, were on the verge of throwing themselves out windows,” an author and political activist, Nancy Kricorian of Manhattan, said yesterday. “People were flipping out. … Every woman I know was in high hysteria over this. Everyone was just beside themselves with terror that this woman could be our president — our potential next president.”

Ms. Kricorian allowed that she was among those driven to distraction, upon occasion, by Mrs. Palin’s nomination. “My Facebook status last Monday was, ‘Nancy is freaking out about Sarah Palin yet again,'” the writer said.

A posting on a New York-based Web site for women,, spoke of unbridled anger. “What I feel for her privately could be described as violent, nay, murderous, rage,” an associate editor at Jezebel, Jessica Grose, wrote just after the Republican convention wrapped up. “When Palin spoke on Wednesday night, my head almost exploded from the incandescent anger boiling in my skull.”

Ms. Grose was not alone. More than 700 comments poured in, many from women who said they were experiencing a visceral hostility to Mrs. Palin that they were struggling to explain.

“When I see people crowing about her ‘acceptable’ speech last Wednesday … I literally want to vomit with rage,” a comment from Anibundel said.

“I am shocked by the depths of my hatred for this woman,” another commenter, CJWeimar, wrote.

“It is impossible for me not to read about her in the newspaper in the subway every morning on my way to work and not come into the office angry and wanting to kick things,” a commenter using the name ChampagneofBeers wrote. “My boxing class definitely helps.”

They’re far from alone:

Even some prominent figures admitted to being overcome by anti-Palin feelings. “I am having Sarah Palin nightmares,” an acclaimed playwright and writer, Eve Ensler, wrote on the Huffington Post. She said she was disturbed by the chants about oil and gas drilling during Mrs. Palin’s speech to the Republican convention. “I think of rape. I think of destruction. I think of domination,” Ms. Ensler wrote.

Could these women possibly get any more embarassing — and despicable?

—– Oh yes, yes they can:

The Washington Post isn’t the only daily D.C. newspaper to rave about Sandra Bernhard’s anti-Palin ranting. Wednesday’s Washington Examiner joined in, with the headline “Comedienne delivers enraged optimism.” Barbara Mackay claimed “in the end, oddly and subtly, Bernhard’s message is positive.”

That’s not the impression you’d get from the blog of Theater J, where Bernhard is appearing. It has video of Bernhard calling Palin “Uncle Women,” a “turncoat b—h” and a “whore.” One complaint on the blog that Bernhard crosses a line of political incorrectness draws a defense from Ari Roth of Theater J that really drops the curtain on how coarse this show is:

In fact, the play wears its politically VERY correct heart on its sleeve with its indictment of America as “A Man’s World, It’s a White Man’s World, It’s a F–ked Up White Man’s Racist World” and can only be suggested to be racist in its content if one is hell-bent on protecting White Folk for Sandra’s blistering indictment.When Sandra warns Sarah Palin not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped by some of Sandra’s big black brothers, she’s being provocative, combative, humorous, and yes, let’s allow, disgusting.

The fact that the show has a few riffs like this does not — to my mind — make it a “disgusting show.” there’s too much beauty, variety, vitality, and intelligence to label the entire show as “disgusting.” I’ll agree with you that we produced this show because we did find it to be edgy — because we wanted to give right wing conservative Jews a good run for their money by being on the receiving end of some blistering indictments from Sandra.Does it go over the edge sometimes? On the gang-rape joke, yes. Sure. Not much else. It goes over the edge and then comes right back to the cutting edge. [Profanity editing is NB’s.]

Uh huh. Here’s what Bernhard said in the promo for the show:

Now you got Uncle Women, like Sarah Palin, who jumps on the s–t and points her fingers at other women. Turncoat b—h! Don’t you f–kin’ reference Old Testament, bitch! You stay with your new Goyish crappy shiksa funky bulls–t! Don’t you touch my Old Testament, you b—h! Because we have left it open for interpre-ta-tion! It is no longer taken literally! You whore in your f–kin’ cheap New Vision cheap-ass plastic glasses and your [sneering voice] hair up. A Tina Fey-Megan Mullally brokedown bulls–t moment.

Read Washington Post theater critic Peter Marks’ fawning review of the show here. And watch video from the show below (language warning) and decide whether or not you agree with him:

Can you imagine if this were a male comedian making a “joke” about gang raping Hillary Clinton? Since when did talking about gang rape become something to “laugh” about? When it’s made in the context of happening to a successful conservative woman?

—– And check out what “comedian” Margaret Cho recently said about Gov. Palin, which I will not repost here.

Gov. Palin really has shaken up the feminist establishment (and the overall liberal establishment), hasn’t she? With the very announcement by McCain that she was VP pick, the rad fems were exposed more than ever as frauds. They like to tell people they’re “pro-women” – what they really mean is that they are pro-liberal women. Conservative women like me are “sell outs,” “slaves to the patriarchy” (and worse, considering what you’ve read in this post). It’s probably shocking for some to see these women in such a raw, unedited, unplugged, unhinged form – but if you’re a conservative woman, you’ve seen it and heard it all before from these types of witches. And the only thing their words do is make conservative women’s voices grow stronger … and


Update – 8:03 PM: Mark Morford, misogynist and hater of conservative women like First Lady Laura Bush, gives his .02 on Gov. Palin here. (via MM)

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