Joe the plumber continues to experience politics – Chicago style

Posted by: ST on October 16, 2008 at 11:16 pm

This is what he gets for asking a simple question of The One.

Keep in mind throughout all this that Joe W. did not seek out Obama. It was Obama who was going door to door, and met up with Joe as he was outside playing football with his son in his front yard. He and Obama explained pleasantries, and in turn Joe asked his question. Big mistake, apparently, considering – as noted in the link above – a local plumber’s union that has endorsed Obama is now trying to get him fired from his job. Not only that, but the Daily Kos posted Joe the plumber’s address for hundreds of thousands of moonbats to see and use as they see fit.

Absolutely despicable. The far left has no shame, none whatsoever.


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    1. Joe says:

      A curse on those who are attacking him. Their attempts to discredit him are misguided anyway. Geraldine Ferraro, whom I admire, said on Fox this morning that Joe is a, GASP, Republican, like that matters. It’s not about him, people. It’s about whom he represents: people who work hard to achieve the American dream, and are threatened with high taxes to redistribute the wealth, in Obama’s own words. Then again, I can understand why the left is attacking him, just like they did Sarah Palin. First, he, like Palin, is one of us. Second, he may have breathed new life into the McCain campaign.

    2. Trish says:

      This is one time I’m very pro-Spanish. Because the Spanish language has a name for them: Sinverguenzas. It literally means shameless, but it is used to refer to those who behave in such a shameless fashion.

      Let us hope this is not a taste of things to come.

    3. camojack says:

      Sounds like S.O.P. to me… x(

    4. CZ says:

      The Germans had a word for it: Schutzstaffel. [-x

    5. Severian says:

      Pay attention people, this is exactly how an Obama administration will act towards the media, especially bloggers and talk radio, but also towards the MSM if they disagree with him. The “Fairness Doctrine” will seem like a gentle love touch compared to what he’ll do to shut down his detractors when he has real power.

    6. Tregonsee says:

      Plumbarius delenda est!

    7. googleaddict says:

      If the situation were politically reversed the left would be screaming intentional chilling of free speech.

      Goose and Gander come to mind and two sides of a coin.

      The attack on the person asking the question here is wrong and detestable but don’t let it make you forget the question and the answer that it is all about.

      With the candidate clearly stating his socialistic goals that is too important to be lost over the distraction of attacking the messenger.

      Don’t forget that or else their attack tactic will have succeeded.

    8. Lorica says:

      I agree with Camojack and Sev. This is and will be standard operating proceedure for the Barry administration. These type of tactics are going to be used, and whenever the Barry is questioned about it he will blah blah blah about how that wasn’t him doing it. Where is the condemnation from the Barry?? This man is such a horrible human being, and the longer this campaign runs the worse he gets. – Lorica

    9. alchemist says:

      You know it’s funny. this is almost exactly the same thing I complained about in the S-CHIP case a few months back… where Malkin was tracking down the assets of the Frosts… and her facts, since only corroborated by the internet, ended up being misleading at best.

      I imagine the same thing is going on here, and again I don’t really approve.

      Here’s the problem though, the combination of McCain’s use of ‘Joe’ as a political icon, and his upfront denunciation of Obama on multiple talk shows (5, 6 interviews by now?) has turned him into a political footbal. The best way for Obama to deflate the argument is to point out that the argument is a strawman… this man is not making 250,000 (nor is he about to buy a 250,000 business), and there aren’t very many plumbers who fall into that category.

      My father-in-law is a full time electrician, air-conditioner install/repair guy, and owns 7 small apartment buildings working 7 days a week, and not making close to 250,000. Since the average plumber makes 34,000 dollars, this all seems like a demonstrate that Joe’s ‘plumbing business’ is largely an illusion.

      I don’t care that he voted republican, or that he has a tax lien. To me those are irrelevant.

    10. Aitch748 says:

      I’m with the rest of you — this is a taste of what life will be like if Obama manages to wriggle into the White House. As much as I’d like the human filth who are attacking Joe Wurzelbacher to do some hard time for what they are doing, in a sense they are doing the rest of us a service.

      (If I could get America’s ear for 15 seconds, I’d say: Please, America, look at what is happening to Joe the Plumber, realize that Joe wouldn’t be the last guy to get this kind of treatment should Obama become President, and vote for McCain.)

    11. bvb720 says:

      Frankly Mr. Obama is showing his true colors. An innocent dialog with Joe the Plumber has turned into a freak fest.

      Under no circumstances should we elect Obama. He will turn us all into his soldiers.

    12. Great White Rat says:

      You know it’s funny. this is almost exactly the same thing I complained about in the S-CHIP case a few months back… where Malkin was tracking down the assets of the Frosts

      Some major differences there, alchemist. For one thing, the Frosts were hand-picked by the leftists as their poster children for bigger sChip handouts. They were a willing and knowing part of the campaign.

      Joe the plumber, on the other hand, was minding his own business when Obama walked up to him – and then he dared to ask Farrakhan’s Messiah a tough question. Unlike the Frosts, he didn’t scheme or volunteer to become a player here. He’s an innocent bystander who made the cardinal sin of actually speaking truth to power.

      Second, the Frosts (or their handlers) were hiding their true financial status with the objective of milking more money from the overburdened taxpayer. Joe isn’t asking the taxpayer for anything. He just wants Obama’s confiscation commissars to leave him alone.

      One was a knowing participant in a money grab, and all that happened is a negative column or two. The national GOP didn’t set out to destroy them. The other got involved by chance and the result is a presidential campaign trying to ruin his life.

      Which ought to tell you a lot about the left in this country – although if you were paying attention, it wouldn’t shock you a bit.

    13. Severian says:

      Bingo GWR, but equivocating between the two, the Frosts and Joe, fits alchemists and other leftists attitudes perfectly. Whenever caught doing something particularly reprehensible, they whine “but everyone does it!” regardless of the fact there is no equivalence. Disgusting ain’t it?

    14. Great White Rat says:

      Sev, it’s really all about someone from the common herd having the effrontery to talk back to the Anointed One. Any such person must be hounded unmercifully until absolutely destroyed.

      Oh, and alchemist, here’s another few dissimilarites you missed:

      The details Malkin exposes were about the Frosts’ finances and wealth. That is directly relevant when the Frosts mug for the cameras in an ad campaign which presents them as so destitute that the taxpayer must once again be forced to open his wallet. If Donald Trump was the poster boy for such a plan, would you buy into it as you did with the Frosts? No? Why not?

      On the other hand, maybe you can explain exactly why it’s relevant that Joe the plumber uses his middle name…or who he might be related to…or what his licensing status is. How’s that related to the central point, which is how Obama wants to “spread the wealth around”?

      And once the Frosts were exposed, could you tell me their address? Did Malkin or any other conservative writer print it and invite a rabble to descend on them? Nope. On the other hand, just as the Obama campaign is encouraging their people to “get into our faces”, you’re seeing Joe’s address plastered on the leftist web sites. And not but a few days after Obama supporters firebombed a home in Oregon for the sin of having a McCain sign on their front lawn.

      The left is despicable, and their strong-arm tactics should have every American with any appreciation for our freedoms up in arms. Too bad that apparently doesn’t include you.