Gov. Palin to appear on SNL tonight

Posted by: ST on October 18, 2008 at 8:10 pm

After several instances of Tina Fey imitating her on SNL, the Gov. will portray herself – and I hear she’ll imitate Fey – on tonight’s SNL. The show will be hosted by Bush hater Babs Streisand’s stepson, actor Josh Brolin, who plays Bush in the latest anti-Bush administration hit piece “W.” Brolin was quoted on a late night TV talk show recently as blinking (yes, blinking) “Vote for Obama.”

Not sure I’m crazy about this idea as I’m never fond of Republicans trying to play nice with Hollyweirdos, but I’ll be up late tonight to watch it.

And speaking of the Gov, this is one video about her that you don’t want to miss. It’s a rare decent piece done about her by the MSM on her connection with special needs parents:

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Update – 12:48 AM: I’ve not liked the brief skits she’s been in. The first one, with Alec Baldwin, made me want to hurl – considering what an a**hole he is. The second one did nothing but make fun of her, her family, and McCain, while she sat there and pretended to be amused. This is completely beneath her. I don’t know if she’s going to be on anymore before it’s over, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to sit through much more of SNL. As BO would say, this isn’t the SNL I used to know. I’ve found very little to laugh about throughout the course of the show.

Read more reax, via The Anchoress.

Sun AM Update – 11:15 AM: ST reader Victoria has video clips from both skits posted at her blog.

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  • 13 Responses to “Gov. Palin to appear on SNL tonight”


    1. You know, I’ve done a lot of reading about Sarah Palin the last several weeks (including that 200+ pages long hit piece* from the Alaska investigator) and that, plus a news item like this, convinces me this is a woman of rare character and judgment, with a core of strength that will stand her well in a crisis. Exactly the type of person I want in high office.

      So, when I hear friends of mine –liberals, but good friends withal– say they can’t stand her, that she loves power too much, etc., etc., I can’t help but wonder what they see that I don’t, and vice-versa. It’s as if we’re seeing two wholly different women who only happen to look alike.

      I can only put it down to environment: living in a very left-liberal city, working in a left-liberal environment, and taking at face value what’s said in the MSM.

      It’s sad, because we need a lot more like Sarah Palin in government. :(

      *(Gee, is my bias showing? :d )

    2. Severian says:

      She loves power too much?!?!? OMG! And just what in the hell do they think Pelosi, Reid, and Obama do? They lust after it as if it was their life’s blood! They crave it like an addict craves his fix! Jumpin Jehoshaphat!

    3. Chris in NC says:

      I think her SNL will be ok. If SNL tries anything shady to make her look bad, she’ll pick up sympathy. If she goes on and makes fun of herself, she’s more real to people and not some snobby elitist. If she goes on and bombs her routine, it will be blamed on the writing. I think she’ll be just fine with it. Besides, SNL isn’t known for trashing their guests. How much you want to bet this will be their highest rated episode in forever?

    4. Severian, I don’t get it, either. :-

      All I can say is that these are people who are likely to answer you with the rejoinder “I don’t like them, either.” You’ve seen that before: the typical cop-out of those who don’t like politics and don’t want to take responsibility for their vote — they don’t like anyone running. I haven’t asked whom she and her husband are voting for, since I don’t want to start an argument.

      This is the kind of superficial voter I’m thinking of when I say “I have great faith in liberal democracy, but I sometimes think half the people just shouldn’t vote.” 8-|

    5. Anthony, we are together on this one. It is amazing how the left looks at the world. I mean, they are the MOST JUDGEMENTAL fools I know! And that is what they are doing to Gov. Palin. She is a ROLE MODEL for women! She does not have to be a cold fish, a la St. Hillary Clinton. She can have more than one child, and most important, NOT abort one who was born with Down Syndrome. And, do you not laugh when all these “non-judgemental” people harp about her religion? Talk about the hypocrites! Well, I am getting more confident, not cocky but confident, that Sen. McCain will be the next president. It will be close and possibly another four years of lefty liberals screaming that the election was stolen or some rubbish. But it will be worth to see Vice-President Palin in action!

    6. I thought Palin did a great job on SNL. The rap was funny, and I didn’t think it ridiculed her at all. Palin looked gorgeous and she appeared relaxed – good sense of humor.

    7. Steve Skubinna says:

      Anthony, I think the left is merely guilty of projection. Many of them are mired in self loathing, they cannot accept that anyone of intelligence wouldn’t be, and so assign the most horrendous motives ot their opponents or else deny them their intelligence, and in extreme cases, their humanity. Why do they hate the Second Amendment and constantly predict shootouts in the streets, despite 2A friendly states consistently having much lower violent crime rates? Why do they rage against a woman who does not abort any of her pregnancies, even when knowing one of them will be born with special needs? Why does Joe the Plumber get the proctoscope from a press reticent to question any of the Democrat Presidential candidate’s positions, accomplishments, or associations? Why are people who do things with their hands, who make things or provide services of value, who stand on their own and come together to help those in need without government coercion, so mocked and scorned?

      I am not a psychologist, nor do I play one on TV. Heck, I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. But it’s obvious to me that much of the left is consumed by hatred, and they assume that everyone else must be too. Their justification for the bile they spew is that the right does it too, either in private or in code.

    8. Tom TB says:

      I watched SNL on TV for the the first time in a long time, and they only reminded me of why I don’t! Sarah Heath was a sportscaster on Alaskan TV before she became Palin, and you would think the writers could have come up with a skit about that.

    9. Victoria says:

      Sister Toldjah, I have the videos up over at my blog, including copious commentary on Governor Palin’s appearance.

      The Second SNL Palin Skit

      Like many people, I thought that Poehler did a smashing job (heavily preggers, at that!) and Palin looked amazing. Check out her genuine mirth in the first skit, just when the camera pans to her and Michaels. She was enjoying Fey’s “pageant walking” until she got in character.

      BTW, there was an electric froideur from Fey to Palin tonight. I’m quite sure it was mutual.


    10. Charlie says:

      Not to divert from the SNL skits, but the MSNBC piece was a nice gesture. Knowing up front that they don’t want to do anything positive on McCain/Palin, broadcasting this must have been a tough decision for them. Forgive my cynicism along with a thumbs up for Brian Williams.