NYT outdoes itself this weekend

The Obama Love continues on the pages of the NYT, with one piece on how you can be “cool” like Barack Obama, and the other one, written by Tom Friednman, on how – get this – Obama and the Dems could shore up their national security creds by “salvaging something positive” from the war in Iraq. Bob Owens lays the verbal smackdown on the Times here.

Another day in the life of the “newspaper of record” …

Maybe there’s justice in the world after all

rosieo.jpgIs Rosie ‘Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a warmonger!‘ O’Donnell calling it quits from TV altogether? After the debut of her Wednesday night variety show last week flopped, a dejected Rosie posted on her blog this weekend thta maybe TV gigs weren’t in the cards for her anymore.

Hoping, praying …


Panthers at the Packers (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 35-31)

Panthers logoAfter last week’s humiliating 45-28 loss to division rival Atlanta, the Cats will be looking go rebound today when they play the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. The Packers, too, will be looking to turn things around after the 51-29 drubbing they received from New Orleans last Monday.

Wisconsin ST reader and Cheesehead steveegg reports this morning that snow is on its way to Lambeau, which means good conditions for a Packer win. Even if the Cats were playing GB in Charlotte, they’d still face very cold weather. It’ll be rainy and windy here all day, and the temps won’t get out of the mid-40s.

Game time is 1pm ET and the game will be broadcast on Fox.

Update: Whew – that was quite a game, with the Panthers having the better first half and the Packers having the better second half. In the end, though, we pulled it out with under two minutes to go. Final score: 35-31.

Chris Matthews to run for Senate in PA?

Apparently he wasn’t kidding when he said he thought it was his “job” to help the Obama adminstration succeed:

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A Pennsylvania Democratic party leader says MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews may be considering a run for U.S. Senate in 2010.

The Patriot-News of Harrisburg reports Matthews met with state party leaders this past week in Washington to discuss a possible bid to unseat Republican Sen. Arlen Specter.

Party official Mary Isenhour says she left the meeting feeling that Matthews still hadn’t made up his mind.

The 62-year-old Matthews hosts MSNBC’s “Hardball” and provides political commentary on NBC’s “Today.” He ran unsuccessfully for a Pennsylvania congressional seat in 1974.

Matthews hasn’t denied reports that he’s considering a run, but he is denying a report that he’s begun recruiting – you guessed it – former Obama staffers to help him out:

Chris Matthews is denying reports that he’s recruiting staffers from the Obama campaign for a possible race for Senator from Pennsylvania in 2010.

“It is absolutely not true,” Matthews said in a statement posted on FiveThirtyEight.com. Matthews appears to be denying that he’s staffing up — but not necessarily denying that he’s in some way planning a campaign.

A Quinnipiac poll this week shows Matthews trailing GOP Sen. Arlen Specter by a 45%-33% margin. But oddly enough this is not because of any high negatives — instead, 60% of Pennsylvania voters said they hadn’t heard enough about Matthews to form an opinion of him. Outside of people like us who track politics incessantly, he might not actually be that big a name.

That will, of course, change the minute he asks his hero for a campaign plug.

In related Senate election news, the Power Line blog has the latest developments on the Coleman/Franken race recount. And don’t forget, the Georgia Senate runoff between incumbent Republican Saxby Chambliss and Democrat challenger Jim Martin is Tuesday.

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Quick note

Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t fallen off the planet. I’ve been spending the weekend with la familia, finishing up some Christmas shopping, and helping out with decorating two different houses. Blogging will be light tomorrow, and will return to the normal schedule on Monday. Please feel free to utilize this as an open thread.

Hope everyone’s having a relaxing holiday weekend!

Welcome to Bush’s world, President-elect Obama

The top headlines, via Drudge:

Gunmen seemed to be sure of hotel terrain…
Staff emerge as heroes…
Troops battle to end Mumbai siege…
Explosives found at hotel…
Commandos storm Jewish Center…
Rabbi and wife killed…
‘Still not under control’…
India points the finger at Pakistan…
British citizens among killers?
New York guards against Mumbai-like attacks…

Things to be thankful for

Being political junkies, we tend to do a lot of worrying, debating, and complaining over the year, but Thanksgiving gives us a chance to take a time out to say the “thanks” we sometimes forget to say when we need to.

I am thankful for, among other things,:

– having a loving family & friends
– having a job
– having a warm home
– being in reasonably good health
– having a beautiful kittie who will sometimes sleep at my feet at night (last night, with visions of turkey drums dancing in her head!)
– our troops, who – along with their families – sacrifice so much so this country can remain the most wonderful country in the world
– my awesome readers!
– and last but certainly not least, I am thankful for God, who shows me the way and who shines a light when I’m feeling lost or uncertain about the future.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Update/Related: Via Jules Crittenden: Things To Be Thankful For In A Troubled World

Safe travels (OPEN THREAD)

Just wanted to wish readers of this blog safe travels if they’re driving or flying to their Thanksgiving destinations today. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, good luck with all the cooking and handling all the family and friends you have over :)

I’m tying up a few loose ends here at the 8-5, and hope to be able to head out for the day by around 3:30 or 4. I’ll try to do some late-in-the-evening blogging later tonight if I’m not too exhausted from helping mom with food prep :)

Please consider this an open thread.

Relax, lefties! Part 2

As I noted last night, there are more than a few liberals out there who are “concerned” over the belief that Obama has supposedly not thrown a bone to progressives since winning the election over two weeks ago.

Well, worry not, lefties – as Ilya Somin notes, Obama via his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is using the opportunity that the economic crisis has presented to lay the groundwork towards vastly expanding the size and scope of the federal government in ways we haven’t seen since the days of FDR (who Obama has been lovingly compared to, BTW).

If you’re a liberal, read Ilya’s full post as it should give you something to be thankful for tomorrow as you gather around your dinner tables to celebrate Thanksgiving. If you’re a conservative, read it to reaffirm what you already know from doing something so many on the left didn’t do over the course of the last two years and that’s pay attention to what the man actually promised on the campaign trail. It certainly wasn’t “centrism.”

Loony liberal watch

Hey, Barack Obama’s been elected – what the heck do we need Bush around for anymore?

Late last week, Chris Matthews – who infamously declared shortly after the election that it was his “job” to help the incoming Obama administration succeed – called for Obama to just go ahead and step into the role of President, and to effectively sidestep our current President (h/t: Tom Elia).

On Saturday, the NYT lovingly published a column by Gail Collins in which she talked about how Bush-Cheney should go ahead and step down now and allow Nancy Pelosi to take over the presidency until Barack Obama was sworn in as president in January … all for the “benefit” of the economy, of course. We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution anyway.

Unfortunately, Collins isn’t the only one who wants to see the Bush-Cheney admin ushered out of the WH stage right before Obama’s inauguration. Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley argued that Nancy Pelosi needed to stand up and be a leader by beginning impeachment proceedings against Bush-Cheney … for the “benefit” of the economy.

Hey, you know what? I somewhat agree. As I’ve argued before, if the Democrats really feel like Bush has run an unconstitutional administration, by all means, please go ahead and start the impeachment process. Yeah, I know they won’t really do it, because they’ve been lying about one of two things: Either they’re lying about their belief that Bush is a “war criminal” or they’re lying about their “commitment to the Constitution” because surely if they were commited to upholding the Constitution they’d have frogmarched Bush out of the WH long before now, right? :-?

Related: Pittsburgh City Council Democrat on local gun bill: “Who really cares about it being unconstitutional?”