NEN: Obama then versus now on healthcare “open debate”

Posted by: ST on August 10, 2009 at 6:41 pm

Another that was then, this is now moment – courtesy of Naked Emperor News:

PolitiFact has rated his promise to have “open debates” on C-SPAN where the American people would be “included in the process” as a “promise broken.”

Related to all this, make sure to check out how the far left has gone after Kenneth Gladney with a vengeance. Gladney, as you may recall, is one of a couple of ObamaCare opponents who was physically attacked by SEIU thugs at the St. Louis town hall last week. Dana Loesch sets the record straight on Gladney here (via Jim Hoft).

And speaking of the SEIU, Mary Katharine Ham has a screencap of a notice posted on the Connecticut SEIU website for an Aug. 6th town hall in which the stated attempt was to organize people together in order to “drown out the voices” of ObamaCare opponents.

I won’t hold my breath on a condemnation from House Speaker Nancy “drowning out opposing views is Un-American” Pelosi.

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6 Responses to “NEN: Obama then versus now on healthcare “open debate””


  1. camojack says:

    Obama is just another politician; he’ll say whatever it takes…the problem is, he fooled a lot of voters last November. :-?

  2. Xerocky says:

    His ideas: better care, lower costs, more coverage…who can argue with that? What’s all the fuss about right?:-?

    The one thing that makes me not able to stand this guy with zero experience is that he’s always been soooo sure of himself, and he gets bent out of shape EVERY time someone sticks him with a real question. And yet he gets to have this “cool” tag. He’s not cool, he’s never really been cool.

  3. Jo says:

    Our Dear Leader, a thin-skinned community organizer, can’t stand the tables being turned on him. How dare the serfs rise up in opposition to His Greatness. There will be blood shed for this. If the Union thugs don’t squelch it, we’ll round them up and throw them in internment camps and if that doesn’t quieten them down, then we’ll bring out the gas chambers. Whatever it takes to ramrod Socialism down the throats of a complacent nation.

  4. Kate says:

    Obama did not fool anyone…he used his powerful friends in the media to get elected. He also used five law firms to keep his background information firmly sealed from public view. This man is a true creation of the Chicago political machine. The voters were in essence hoodwinked by the democratic machine intent to get their man in office and now we see why. Their objective is to dynamically change the United States of America into their vision of socially engineered and government run entities that they will control. God help us all!

  5. Brontefan says:

    Their objective is to dynamically change the United States of America into their vision of socially engineered and government run entities that they will control. God help us all!

    You nailed it Kate!!
    My Masters thesis is easy to find at NMSU, but no one can find OB’s thesis… or maybe because of his great importance, he was graduated without writing one? Why would soooo many Americans buy into his claim that he sat in front of Rev. Wright spewing anti-American hate and racism from the pulpit for what–20 years–and not notice? OB is a Marxist and anti-American. As his first official function as Prez, he gave the Muslim network an interview. He has some 30 czars–doing God only knows what–without Senate approval–and where is the Woodward & Bernsteins today when we need another, All the President’s Men exposé?

  6. Carlos says:

    “His ideas: better care, lower costs, more coverage…”

    Well, Xerocky, now that he’s promised those things, plus you can keep your own doctor, your own insurance and there won’t be a death panel, you can bet the farm they’re all outta here. Just like Rush claims to be correct 99.7% of the time, I claim Obama lies the same amount.