NEN: Obama then versus now on healthcare “open debate”

Another that was then, this is now moment – courtesy of Naked Emperor News:

PolitiFact has rated his promise to have “open debates” on C-SPAN where the American people would be “included in the process” as a “promise broken.”

Related to all this, make sure to check out how the far left has gone after Kenneth Gladney with a vengeance. Gladney, as you may recall, is one of a couple of ObamaCare opponents who was physically attacked by SEIU thugs at the St. Louis town hall last week. Dana Loesch sets the record straight on Gladney here (via Jim Hoft).

And speaking of the SEIU, Mary Katharine Ham has a screencap of a notice posted on the Connecticut SEIU website for an Aug. 6th town hall in which the stated attempt was to organize people together in order to “drown out the voices” of ObamaCare opponents.

I won’t hold my breath on a condemnation from House Speaker Nancy “drowning out opposing views is Un-American” Pelosi.

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