Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA): Opposition to Obama is “almost at the level of sedition”

Bbbbut I thought dissent was patriotic (via Memeorandum):

Governor Deval Patrick, even as he decried partisanship in Washington, said today that Republican opposition to President Obama’s agenda has become so obstinate that it “is almost at the level of sedition.”

The Democratic governor, who is close to the president, made the comments at a forum at Suffolk Law School’s Rappaport Center, where he was asked by an audience member about partisan battling in Congress.

Patrick said that even “on my worst day, when I’m most frustrated about folks who seem to rooting for failure,” he doesn’t face anything like the opposition faced by the president.

“It seems like child’s play compared to what is going on in Washington, where it is almost at the level of sedition, it feels to like me,” Patrick said., the dictionary site, defines sedition as “incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.”

After the forum, Patrick explained his remarks.

“I think that the number of people in the Grand Old Party who seem to be absolutely committed to saying ‘no,’ whenever he says ‘yes,’ no matter what it is, even if it’s an idea that they came up with, is just extraordinary,” the governor told reporters after the forum.

But did the opposition really border on sedition?

“That was a rhetorical flourish,” Patrick said.

Right. Just like the Smearacle brigade that, for the last year and a half, have called opponents of Barack Obama’s policies birther fanatics, mobsters, “un-American,” Astroturfers, fascists, terrorists, brownshirts, racists, assassins, and Neanderthals.

Their vicious smears, alongside Patrick’s (who echoed a similar recent remark from Time’s liberal writer Joe Klein), emphatically demonstrate once again just how thin-skinned the left really are. We’re barely a year and a half into Barack Obama’s presidency and already they simply can’t handle anything that remotely resembles criticism of Democrat ideas – unless it comes from other Democrats, of course (with exceptions). We’re “the party of no” rather than “the party of alternative ideas” to this gang of speech-suppressing pseudo-intellectuals. And while “party of no” really isn’t negative when you think of it in the context of being against higher taxes and a bigger, more centralized federal government, the Democrats are using the term negatively to try and paint the GOP as the party of “no ideas” – the party of “hating Obama” (because he’s black, natch).

But it doesn’t seem to be working, if you consider seditious Pennsylvania Democrats like Joe Sestak and Mark Critz, who are both running as fast as they can from the policies of this administration, as are other Democrats running for election or re-election who have requested/told the administration that they’d rather not have their help this fall. Why? Because, depending on the state/district, cutting and running from the radical policies of ObamaCo. – essentially being the anti-Obama – gives these traitorous incumbents and political newbies better odds of winning their respective primaries and later on in the fall. Not only that, but Obama’s “coattail effect” ain’t exactly what it used to be.

Sadly, at this stage of the game, the race-baiting Patrick is gaining momentum in his bid to be re-elected in the fall, signalling that – at least for now – Massachusetts voters aren’t in the mood for stunning the nation again with another “Massachusettes miracle” – at least not in the same year.

Oh well …


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