Anti-war hero Julian Assange charged with rape/molestation in Sweden (UPDATE: CHARGES DROPPED?)

Posted by: ST on August 21, 2010 at 7:56 am

Via CNN:

Stockholm, Sweden (CNN) — The founder and editor of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has been charged in Sweden with rape and molestation, a spokeswoman for the Swedish prosecutor’s office told CNN Saturday.

Spokeswoman Karin Rosander said the charges were filed Friday night, but she didn’t have further details.

Assange denied the charges in a posting Saturday on the WikiLeaks Twitter page, saying, “The charges are without basis and their issue at this moment is deeply disturbing.”

Assange was in Sweden last weekend, but Rosander said it’s not clear whether he is still in the country. She said police have been unable so far to make contact with Assange.

An elusive figure, Assange reportedly lives part-time in Sweden. He told the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet this week that he chose Sweden to host several servers for WikiLeaks because of the country’s privacy laws.

He also told the paper, in an interview published Monday, that he had been in Sweden because he wanted a safe place to go after the high-profile leak of U.S. documents related to the war in Afghanistan.

Wonder how the anti-war left will treat the news about one of their WikiLeaks heroes? Will they treat him like they do the troops and assume guilt before innocence, or will they rush to his defense and assert that this is a smear campaign designed to take down a snake who cares nothing about the fate of the hundreds, possibly thousands of Afghan and American lives he put in even more danger with the publishing of the WikiLeaks information?

Another question: Will the Hollywood left embrace Assange like they did child molestor Roman Polanski? Will Whoopi assert that what Assange allegedly did was not really “rape-rape“?

So many questions, so few answers …

PM Update: Fox News is reporting that the charges were dropped. Something’s really fishy about this story.

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8 Responses to “Anti-war hero Julian Assange charged with rape/molestation in Sweden (UPDATE: CHARGES DROPPED?)”


  1. bill glass says:

    Once a scumbag, always a scumbag.

  2. Dale says:

    The left, predictably, is saying this is a CIA or rightwing set up. San Francisco Chronicle and CNN blogs are suggesting the charges are false.

    This really highlights the fundamental disconnect between the left and right. The left believes that someone who leaks documents that endanger the lives of Americans and Afghans while refusing to take any personal responsibility for the results of his actions, is a brave and moral man. The right tends to look at Assange as an immature, narcissistic, amoral scumbag.

    Assange obviously loves the “power” and attention he’s received in the last year. It’s not a far stretch to suggest he might not be as pure as the driven snow. He’s already shown a callous disregard for anyone but himself.

  3. sanjuro says:

    We got a saying down here in Texas “Some people just need killin’.”

    This smug scumbag is one.

  4. Steve Hussein Skubinna says:

    My first thought on reading of the charges was it was a setup. Perhaps it is, but I would much rather see any of a dozen counterinteligence agencies the world over snatch this clown’s comfortable butt and make him incognito.

  5. Sarah says:

    I’m trying to decide if a corrupt individual or group issued a bad warrant…or if a corrupt individual or group withdrew a good warrant.

    Either way, yeah, something’s wrong here.

  6. Roy says:

    My observation so far. The cops are still checking this guy out and the misdemeanor of molestation will stay on the books. So he has some explaining left to do.

    Then you stand back and think about this. He’s lying low in Sweden…hiding more or less. He’s staying with Pirate Party (a funny political party that would be mostly in agreement with him) members. I’m making a bet that he’s staying mostly with single Swedish women over the age of thirty…highly educated…but strongly desiring this “elite” guy. At some point, his ladies figure out that he’s not going to stick around and that he’s having relations with several different women. So revenge ends up being the issue to ignite this episode. The cops can’t give up this one charge…which makes you wonder why, and I’m making another guess that there’s video of this.

    Bottom line, he’s going to find some Pirate Party members to question his values and start to isolate themselves from his agenda.

  7. Steve Skubinna says:

    Roy, I expect Mr. Assange is the sort of person who looks more heroic and admirable the farther you are from him. People stupid enough to take this specimen in are going to find their high principles colliding with reality.

    One of my favorite Thurber stories is “The Greatest Man in the World,” about a hero who is in real life an ignorant, filthy, loudmouthed cad, admirable only from a distance. Life does imitate art.