All you need to know about yesterday’s liberal “One Nation” rally

Posted by: ST on October 3, 2010 at 11:26 am

Yesterday, Marxists liberals held a rally of their own at the National Mall in Washington, DC that was billed by the MSM as the “counter” rally to the massive Restoring Honor rally held by Glenn Beck back in late August. Naturally, liberals wanted the rally to outshine the Beck rally in terms of the message and attendance but …

… on the message, they failed. Miserably. See Doug Ross for the real message – in photos – that the MSM won’t report on. Nice Deb has more pix and video. Lotta trashy folks at this rally – literally, if you look at all the garbage left on the ground. Guess the environmental message we routinely hear from lefties amounts to little more than “just words, just speeches.” 8-|

… on attendance, they failed. Miserably. Tom Maguire has the hilarious details.

Basically, it looks and sounds like it was your typical organic garden variety of far leftists gathering together to demonstrate their contempt for individual freedom and to promote a one-world, pro-union, anti-war, socialist/marxist/communist big-government agenda. In other words, the type of “rally” you’d be able to see on the left coast on any given day of the week.


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12 Responses to “All you need to know about yesterday’s liberal “One Nation” rally”


  1. Phineas says:

    I guess cleaning up after those bums can be considered a “shovel-ready project.” :(

  2. Steve Hussein Skubinna says:

    Interesting that a big player in this was the SEIU.

    You know, service workers.

    Guess they only pick up trash when they’re on the clock.

    At least it wasn’t “overwhelmingly white.” On the other hand, for me the deal breaker is the presence of groups like the Communists and individuals like Cynthia McKinney. That there tells you all you need to know about this rally and who it represented. Mass murderers and lunatics. This is the lefty image of America.

  3. PE says:

    One nation indeed! Their nation, our cancerous tumor.

  4. unions are not bad. workers need unions. what is bad is the democratic party politicans and leftists that took over the leadership positions in the unions. the union movement was infiltrated in the 1970’s by the democratic party and subverted to support the aims of the democratic party instead of the workers. now the leftists in the democratic party have taken over those positions. now union members dues money is used to support all the left wing causes. socialism is the oppressor of working people not the liberator of working people. confiscatory taxation by the oppressive ruling political class tyranizes the worker it does not liberate them. rank and file union workers need to wake up to this fact and realize it is their leaders who are exploiting them.

  5. Carlos says:

    From a comment on another blog site:

    “My, how times change. 55 years ago that whole bunch of clowns would have been rounded up and at least jailed, if not shot for treason. I may not be at the “shot for treason” spot (at least not yet), but rounded up? You betcha!

    And the underwhelming numbers there? What a perfect parody of a real rally where actual, real people show up to see actual, real celebrities, thinkers, leaders and spokespeople. Wonder how many that did show up were bussed in by the unions? If 100 people at a conservative rally equals 10 in the MSM/LSM, I wonder if 10 people at this rally equals 100 to the media?”

    And a shovel-ready project? You couldn’t bury that bunch of bull poop deep enough to rid the mall of the stench of statism!

  6. Jo says:

    What was the rallying cry? “Give us more! Give us more! Give us more!” Meaning, of course, more of everyone else’s hard-earned money, more unmerited benefits, more disability when we demand it, more ‘civil rights’ (read preferential treatment). “We DEMAND it and we put the doofus in office we expected to deliver it!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  7. Kate says:

    I attended the 8/28 Restoring Honor event and from the photos that I am seeing of this “event” I wonder how anyone could even imagine they got nearly as many people. I am sure the people who live and work in DC took the following Monday off as they probably needed a couple days to clean up the mess these leftist left behind.

    They said there were hundreds of groups involved in organizing this event. That should be a telling statistic. With all those unions etc supplying signage, buses and probably a free lunch to boot, they could only manage this sub par excuse of a “protest”. The NAACP was involved, too. So we have some sort of expectation of thousands of minorities showing up. So in the long run this is what happens when you let any kind of organized labor get involved in an event…they don’t show up for the job.

    Nice try for the copy cat left who doesn’t have an effective idea in their arsenal.

  8. Tom TB says:

    Apparently,you can tell one America from the other just by how they behave in our Nation’s capitol. One group believes in personal responsibility, and leaves the Mall cleaner than it was to start with. The other drops their refuse where they are, trusting in nanny-state to pick up after them.

  9. Carlos says:

    Well, now the “organizers” are claiming at least 175,000 people were there to protest not having enough goodies thrown at them by NannyGov.

    And I rest my case for the 100/10 – 10/100 description in my 10-03-10 @ 3:48pm comment.

    It just galls the leftists/statists and (I’m repeating myself) MSM/LSM that there are 50 times more thinking people willing to attend a rally unpaid than there are sheep willing to attend only if commanded by union bosses and paid.