All you need to know about yesterday’s liberal “One Nation” rally

Yesterday, Marxists liberals held a rally of their own at the National Mall in Washington, DC that was billed by the MSM as the “counter” rally to the massive Restoring Honor rally held by Glenn Beck back in late August. Naturally, liberals wanted the rally to outshine the Beck rally in terms of the message and attendance but …

… on the message, they failed. Miserably. See Doug Ross for the real message – in photos – that the MSM won’t report on. Nice Deb has more pix and video. Lotta trashy folks at this rally – literally, if you look at all the garbage left on the ground. Guess the environmental message we routinely hear from lefties amounts to little more than “just words, just speeches.” 8-|

… on attendance, they failed. Miserably. Tom Maguire has the hilarious details.

Basically, it looks and sounds like it was your typical organic garden variety of far leftists gathering together to demonstrate their contempt for individual freedom and to promote a one-world, pro-union, anti-war, socialist/marxist/communist big-government agenda. In other words, the type of “rally” you’d be able to see on the left coast on any given day of the week.


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