Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg need to man up

Posted by: ST on October 15, 2010 at 10:21 am

One of the few unpleasant things columnists/pundits/political bloggers have to do in their daily lives is read and/or watch stories they would have rather gone their whole lives without noticing, because there are many such stories that come up which deserve an informed commentary that can’t be written unless said stories are perused and examined. Such is the case with having to endure ABC’s “The View” on occasion, and yesterday was no different. A drama unfolded Thursday morning when View co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg “stormed” off the set after getting angry at Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly over a discussion about whether or not the Ground Zero mosque plans should proceed. He remarked that Muslims killed innocents on 9-11, which launched both Behar and Goldberg into galactic orbit. Alana Goodman at NewsBusters has the relevant part of the transcript:

If you can’t stand the heat, then don’t invite Bill O’Reilly on your show to talk about current events. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar flew off the handle during a live taping of “The View” on Thursday, storming off-stage during a dispute with O’Reilly over the Ground Zero mosque.

O’Reilly set the two women off after he said that, “Muslims killed us on 9/11.” Goldberg took offense at the statement, exclaiming “That is such bull—-!”

“Extremists did that!” yelled a clearly agitated Goldberg. “What religion was Mr. McVeigh? There was an extremist as well and he killed people –”

At that point Behar stood up angrily, telling O’Reilly that, “I don’t want to sit here. I don’t. I’m outraged by that statement.”

“You’re outraged about Muslims killing us on 9/11?” O’Reilly asked, bewilderedly, as both Behar and Goldberg fled the stage.

You can view/read the full exchange, and what led up to the “big moment”, at that link.

AllahPundit tackles the stupidity and hypocrisy of both Goldberg’s and Behar’s collective meltdown:

O’Reilly’s sin here is to say that 9/11 was perpetrated by Muslims rather than by Muslim extremists, an offense so egregious to Behar that her delicate conscience had to be removed from his presence. Funny thing: That same conscience never trembled when leftist moron Rosie O’Donnell dropped dark hints about 9/11 being an inside job on a regular basis on the show. In other words, fail to specify which view of Islam the hijackers held and Behar’s apt to need smelling salts; suggest that the attack wasn’t perpetrated by Muslims at all and … not a twitch. You’re a good liberal, Joy. Say, I wonder what happens on Joy’s talk show when lefty guests deride “the tea party” as racist, violent, anti-gay, etc etc? Does she walk out then too in indignation at the guests’ refusal to properly qualify which tea partiers they mean? I’d check the tapes, except … see the first paragraph above.

As for Whoopi, she chimes in with ye olde left-wing canard about Timothy McVeigh being a Christian. It’s not true — unlike the hijackers, neither he nor his motive were religious — but no amount of persuasion will get liberals to give up that talking point. It’s too useful in drawing false equivalencies when jihadists attack.

Even worse? As AllahP notes in a later post, on Behar’s show last night, she went postal on BillO’s “9-11 hate speech” while … sitting next to 9-11 Truther Jesse Ventura.

You really cannot make this stuff up. Behar’s selective “outrage” is noted with disgust.

There is no issue that brings out the blatant hypocrisy, illogic, stupidity, and duplicitous nature of activist liberals more than when it comes to Christianity and the left’s outrageous attempts at equating rare and isolated incidents of extremism committed because of the mistaken belief by a tiny few wackos that the Bible promotes violence against non-believers, to the routine, worldwide Islamofascistic terrorism that is both promoted and mandated by the Koran itself. These are the real underlying facts of the matter that nitwits like Behar and Goldberg refuse to acknowledge, so instead of confronting the fact that Muslims DID kill thousands of innocents on 9-11 and in fact continue to do so, they come up with a case of the vapors and cut and run off the set until BillO apologizes.

These ladies need to, as the Republican nominee for Senate in Nevada Sharron Angle would say, man up and defend their positions – but they can’t so they run away instead. We’ve all seen this act so many times before, haven’t we?

Let’s also keep in mind some of Behar’s past “pearls of wisdom” including the comparison of President Bush praying to God to an Islamifascist praying to Allah:

The National Day of Prayer is coming up on May 6, but on “The Joy Behar Show” April 29, she was discussing the diversity of religion in America with former talk show host Phil Donahue.

In a discussion about the separation of church and state, Behar absurdly compared Bush’s prayers to God with terrorists’ prayers to Allah.

“But remember, George Bush is the one who said that God told him to go into Iraq. The same as that terrorists say that Allah tells them. And what’s the difference between them and Bush I’d like to know,” Behar said.

Donahue suggested that presidents shouldn’t pray: “The framers were right. They saw this coming. You know, what we don’t want is a president who talks to God every day and God talks back.”

Sigh. As I noted at the time, Behar’s “facts” were more than just a little off.

Goldberg, on the other hand, is on record for – among other things like indicating she’d enjoy a threesome w/ House Speaker Pelosi and her husband – suggesting that we should “show reverence” for women who have abortions. She also infamously opined that what Roman Polanski did to an innocent 13 year-old girl in 1977 was not really “rape-rape.”

So these ladies apparently don’t mind dishing out controversial opinions – opinions which, BTW, have no basis in reality – but when it comes to someone dishing out TRUTH, as was the case with BillO’s comments about Muslims murdering innocents on 9-11, then they can’t handle it.

What is the old saying about “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the (proverbial) kitchen” again?

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14 Responses to “Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg need to man up”


  1. Tom TB says:

    The SOLE motive of the murderers of 9/11 was their Muslim/Islamic faith. There is no way to sidestep this fact, but the plain truth and reality is too painful for liberals.

  2. NC Cop says:

    Behar and Goldberg are the quintessential liberal. They will not listen to opposing viewpoints or opinions. They will storm out if someone disagrees with them. Textbook libs.

    They represent all that is wrong with the modern day “progressive”.

    As for Behar, she trashes Christians on a daily basis, but is suddenly offended that someone says something “not nice” about Muslims???? What a crock. Wake up and smell what you’re shovelling, Joy.

  3. Carlos says:

    “The View”: Hollyweird idiocy on steroids.

    Oops. Steroids are for making men more “manly”, right? My bad. I should try to think of something that makes people more stupidly obnoxious. Like modern movies.

  4. heir2freedom says:

    Behar’s mom must have had an ironic sense of human naming this steaming pile of Progressive dung “Joy”.

    Who knows what “Whoopi” was thinking.

    All I know is that it will be a joy and I’ll exclaim “whoopey” when these two dour hags no longer foul the airwaves.

  5. Zippy says:

    They knew O’Reilly was a guest on the show. It appears they were riled up ahead of time to be upset with whatever he had to say. Unprofessional is a nice word for what they did. Ignorant is another nice word for them.

    My question is this: Did people applaud because they left the stage or in support of Schtoopi and Joydung? The show is not entertaining, people still watch it?

    Bill, you ROCK!

  6. TexasDoc says:

    Childish behavior from the liberal loudmouths is nothing new, but it was Goldberg who is out promoting her book on civility. Nothing worse than a stupid hypocrite. Make that two of them.

  7. PaBear says:

    Can you say Publicity Stunt.

    I feel for you having to endure watching that claptrap. I’m torn 50/50. Part of me says ignore them, don’t give them attention, shun them, etc. Another part says expose them at every turn. The problem with the 2nd method is that it elevates their positions as if they were somehow relevent. Also, those of us gifted with logic, deductive reasoning and plain old common sense already know people like “Joy Whoopi” are full of crap.

    “case of the vapors”… I liked that.

  8. These morons shouldn’t be allowed to have opinions on television that could influence people who may not know better. Who watches this show anyway?

  9. Old Goat says:

    Does anyone with a brain cell working actually watch the View?

    Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone would bother when its just a circle of same minded people with one token slot to a contrary view point.

    The most intolerant people I have ever seen are those who profess to be “progressive”.

  10. Zippy says:

    @ Old Goat

    The most intolerant people I have ever seen are those who profess to be “progressive”.

    Short.. to the point and accurate! Not only that, but they are hypocrites to the nth degree!

  11. Steve Hussein Skubinna says:

    The contrived outrage displayed by people too stupid to form or express an intelligent opinion is irrelevant.

    Did Joy Behar walk out on herself when she suggested Republicans caused Sen. Thompson (D-SD) to have a stroke?

  12. Jo says:

    Yes, those two are despicable screeching hags and it must be called The View because only one view is allowed–the far left liberal crap they shovel. I wrote them yesterday expressing my opinion and asking that they send me a list of their advertisers as I don’t waste my time watching it so that i can boycott them and pass their names on to my friends. Of course, I expect no response. They need to be mindful that the ‘radical’ MUSLIM’s like to attack large cities and make grand statements. They might find themselves in the target zone one of these near days.

  13. Carlos says:

    With any luck, they (Dopey and Grouchy) would be some of the first to live under sharia law when the “religion of peace” takes over. I’m sure their belief system would allow them to convert, so there would be no danger in getting there heads chopped off, but to see their reaction to the other rules (think of Dopey – Whoopi – in a burka) would truly be a Kodak moment!

  14. Paul says:

    Whoopi Goldberg is an ugly and profane woman. Joy Behar is a party line
    Progressive”. A pox on both of them !