Berkeley buffoons: Let’s honor suspected Wikileaker Pfc. Bradley Manning

Posted by: ST on December 8, 2010 at 5:41 pm

Just when you think they can’t go any further to the left comes this idiotic nonsense (via MM):

An Army private jailed for allegedly leaking sensitive military data is a hero and should be freed, according to a resolution under consideration by the Berkeley City Council.

The council is expected to vote Tuesday on whether to declare its support for Pfc. Bradley Manning, who’s suspected of providing WikiLeaks with classified military documents and a video depicting an Army helicopter attack in Baghdad in which 11 civilians were killed.

Manning, 22, currently in the brig in Quantico, Va., faces 52 years in prison if convicted. Manning has not commented on his guilt or innocence.

“If he did what he’s accused of doing, he’s a patriot and should get a medal,” said Bob Meola, the Berkeley peace and justice commissioner who authored the resolution. “I think the war criminals should be the ones prosecuted, not the whistle-blowers.”

The proposed resolution originated from the same commission that declared the Marine Corps “unwanted intruders” in Berkeley in 2008. The council’s ensuing approval – and reversal – ignited some of the city’s most raucous protest in years and prompted more than 25,000 e-mails to City Hall.

This time, however, the commission’s vote was not unanimous. The resolution passed on a 7-3 vote, and it’s likely to be just as contentious when it meets the City Council.

Ummmm. Can we question their patriotism yet? o=>

Code Pinkoids

Peace protesters have demonstrated outside the recruiting office ever since the City Council urged Marines to leave. 2-13-08 (photo via CNN)


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11 Responses to “Berkeley buffoons: Let’s honor suspected Wikileaker Pfc. Bradley Manning”


  1. The guy who proposed the resolution is an SDS member from the 1960s. I found a photo of him at an SDS reunion with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn.

  2. Jo says:

    What do we expect from Berkeley, really? They will erect a statue to Obama when his reign of terror is over as their Patron Saint of Stupidity. The only thing the rest of us can do is never visit there and just try to overlook them. They don’t just drink the Kool Aid, they marinate in it.

  3. Kate says:

    The best thing that evey came out of Berkely was some really great window pane (LSD) back in the 70’s. And now we are seeing the long term effects of hallucinigenic drug use. Somebody do a study! I am sure there is grant money for it somewhere in the federal budget!

  4. Iva Biggin says:

    Let ’em resolve all they want. I’m sure their support will brighten his prison cell considerably.

  5. bill glass says:

    Merle Haggard’s “Fightin’ Side of Me” had it about right…They love our milk an’ honey, but they preach about some other way of livin’.

  6. Tex says:

    I would like to offer up a resolution to have Berkely expelled from the United States.

  7. CA resident says:

    Just when you think you’ve heard the stupidest thing from Berkeley, they come up with something even stupider. We can only hope that the next earthquake splits the city off from the mainland and they go drifting out into the Pacific. Sad thing is, many people in the rest of the country/world think Berkeley is a true representation of all of California… No, folks, not true.

  8. Jack Kraus says:

    Better yet, I think Berkeley should hire Manning as its Transparency Czar. Give him full access to ALL city and personel info. I bet he’d dig up some good dirt for Wikileaks.