Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) exemplifies moral bankruptcy of pro-abortion movement

It’s not been a very good week for Wisconsin Democrats. First you have the petulancy of union marchers on display in the state capitol, along with Senate Democrats cutting and running from their responsibility to represent taxpayers. And now, something even worse. A US Congresswoman arguing on the floor of the US House that we need to keep funding Planned Parenthood so expectant mothers can ‘safely’ abort their unborn children rather than have them face having to eat … Ramen noodles or mayo sandwiches. No, I’m not kidding. Click below to watch:

This is truly moral bankruptcy at its absolute worst, no matter where you stand on the abortion issue. Arguing that unborn babies are better off having their body parts sucked out of the womb of their mother rather than having to face the grave prospect of being forced to eat Ramen noodles or mayo sandwiches. So, essentially, Moore is saying that it’s for the best that a baby’s life is best extinguished because having to eat Ramen noodles and mayo sandwiches is worse than living.


I’m especially disgusted by these types of rationalizations for abortion because I used to make similar arguments myself. Mine went along the lines of, “What if the baby is born unwanted and unloved? Does he really need to be brought into this world with the possibility of that happening?” There was a major moral void in my mind when it came to my advocacy, because I didn’t think about what the procedure of abortion actually involved. I didn’t actually think about the fact that at just a few weeks, the baby already has a heartbeat and developing organs. That’s the problem with many fanatical pro-abortion types. They don’t think about what they’re advocating. The terms “pro-choice” and “right to choose” are rallying cries and talking points that I don’t believe rank and file pro-aborts dive much into understanding. They’re just so elated that they’re a part of what they believe is a “pro-woman” movement that it never occurs to them that what they advocate literally sucks away the life of a developing baby. On the other hand, movement leaders and politicos who are associated with it know exactly what abortion involves, which makes it all the more horrifying that they would so casually advocate it.

They should look at their brothers, sisters, neices, nephews, friends, etc and wonder what life would be like without them in it. And then they should think about how, in hindsight knowing those people as they do now what they’ve have done if their loved ones had decided to abort their brothers, sisters, neices, friends, etc, never giving them the chance to experience life to the fullest. Or for that matter, look at their own children. It absolutely confounds me that any mother could look at their own child and say that abortion is a “necessary right.” Wrong. It is an unnecessary evil, and you don’t have to have children – nor do you have to be a woman or a mother – to view it that way.

Rep. Moore, thank you. Thank you for putting the ugly face on what we so rarely see given in public as the justification for the hundreds of thousands of convenience abortions done every year. To paraphrase: ‘The baby might not be given a good diet at first, so why should we bother giving them that chance to grow up to “eat better” and to be a productive member of society? Planned Parenthood via taxpayer $$ can take care of putting that baby out of its misery.’

Truly, truly, truly sick. Have you no shame, woman?

BTW, the House voted today to defund Planned Parenthood, along with ObamaCare.

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Update – 6:19 PM: Here’s the full video of Moore’s remarks:

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