What do you make of the sexual harassment story against Herman Cain?

The Politico story of allegations of sexual harassment against Cain have been hard to follow, but the AJC does a decent job here – including noting how Mr. Cain has changed his initial story about not knowing what the allegations were, that there was a “cash settlement”, etc:

At the National Press Club this afternoon, GOP presidential campaign Herman Cain said this about accusations of inappropriate behavior with two female employees of the National Restaurant Association, which he headed:

”As far as a settlement, I am unaware of any kind of settlement. I hope it wasn’t for much, because I didn’t do anything. But the fact of the matter is, I’m not aware of a settlement that came out of that accusation.”

But in an interview with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News, to be aired at 10 p.m. this evening, Cain will contradict himself. He will admit knowing about a cash settlement – “maybe three months’ salary,” according to Byron York of the Washington Examiner.

Cain will also describe the gesture cited as offensive by the unidentified woman, according to York – who apparently has heard or seen the video. He’s a Fox News contributor.

It may end up here that Cain did nothing. I don’t know. What I DO know is that I haven’t been impressed with is how his campaign team have responded to the allegations. Politico reported:

In a series of comments over the past 10 days, Cain and his campaign repeatedly declined to respond directly about whether he ever faced allegations of sexual harassment at the restaurant association. They have also declined to address questions about specific reporting confirming that there were financial settlements in two cases in which women leveled complaints.

His media team’s responses once the story broke were less than forthcoming. It’s almost as if they were blindsided, when in reality they weren’t. If there’s nothing to this story, nip it in the bud – especially when you’ve had days (possibly longer than that) to prepare. This is Politics 101.

Some have suggested that, since Cain’s stock has risen over the last few weeks, that this could be a “hit piece” planted by Romney or Perry. I doubt it. I suspect this story is breaking now because there is more of an interest in Cain, and the more you rise to the top, the more likely you are going to have media types digging into your record. I could be wrong, but that’s where I’m at on this right now.

What do you think?

Bill Whittle: “How to steal power” or “Turning the Constitution upside-down”

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Bill’s back with another episode of Afterburner, this time taking a look at how progressives (including Supreme Court justices) have regularly twisted (and even tortured) the plain meaning of the Constitution to get what they want, rather than what the document allows. Bill focuses on two much-abused clauses in Article I, section 8, “General Welfare” and “Commerce,” to show that, interpreted in the progressive manner, as part of a “Living Constitution,” (1) these clauses stop being limits on government’s power and instead become grants of unlimited power.

My own view is that of originalism, that the document has to be read as the Convention and the ratifying states intended. Where the language is plain, as in…

To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;

…then the argument ends. In more ambiguous sections (often due to 18th century grammar and style), we can use our reason (2) and examine primary sources of the time, such as the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, the records of the Constitutional Convention, and the contemporaneous state constitutions to figure out what was intended.

And where the powers delegated to the federal government under the Constitution are inadequate to meet a truly national or multi-state issue, there’s this little thing called Article V that provides a means to rewrite the rules in a manner best-suited to creating consensus — unlike diktats from imperialist judges divining the current meaning of the living constitution from its penumbras and emanations.

Any other way is just stealing power.

(1) Just to be fair to the other side, Strauss’ recent book, The Living Constitution, has been receiving good reviews. It never hurts to know the other guys’ arguments.
(2) Contra Ezra Klein, it’s not hard.

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The #Occupy protesters are the new Vandals

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The Vandals were a Germanic tribe that so terrorized the dying West Roman Empire, particularly during the sack of Rome in 455, that later authors used their name to coin a word describing the wanton destruction of anything beautiful or civilized — “vandalism.”

The Occupy movement would seem to be the latest heirs to the “Vandal tradition:” despising the civilization that’s given them so much, making incoherent demands, and engaging in barbaric and even criminal behavior. My blog-buddy ST has done a great job chronicling much of it.

Well, here’s another example for you:

Nearby, small merchants complained that the camp has hurt their businesses, and they fear that a “general strike” called by protesters for Wednesday could further discourage customers. Meanwhile, big companies said the street protests affected their daily operations, and some Oakland residents said they were worried that police, busy with protesters, are even less able to respond to crimes in their neighborhoods.

What business owners said they fear is that the camp will devolve into chaos again, something some said has already begun.

The owner of Sankofa African Arts and Jewelry said that on the two mornings since protesters returned, her front doorway has reeked of urine.

She said her business has declined by 80 percent since Occupy Oakland began.

“I really, really want them to leave,” said the owner, who gave only her first name, Ellen. She has owned her business for 17 years. “What they are doing is making business worse.”

A camp supporter overheard her lament and shouted: “You would have lost your business anyway with the way the economy is going.”

Ellen burst into tears.

Moji Ghafouri said business has gone down 25 percent at her Caffe Teatro. Protesters also smashed one of her windows.

“I’m a small business,” she said. “If you’re against corporations or big business, I’m not them.”

No, you’re not, Moji. Nor is Ellen. But, to the Occupiers, you might as well be. Whatever your politics, these people don’t represent you, regardless of their claims to speak for a mythical “99-percent.” You’re business owners, capitalists. You’re honest people trying to make a future for yourselves. And though you’re not among the wealthiest people in America, that doesn’t matter to the Occupiers. Your sin in their eyes is that you’re willing to work within the capitalist system to build a better life for you and yours, instead of screeching for a barren egalitarianism. That’s why the protester treated Ellen with such nihilistic contempt: to them, you’re all “Little Eichmanns.” To them, you’re just a tool of the hated old order, worthy only of contempt. What you have is theirs to loot and, if they don’t take it, to ruin. What you have built is theirs to tear down.

The Vandals would approve.

Afterthought: Let me here and now express my deep contempt for the mayors, such as Oakland’s Jean Quan, who’ve let these “movements” wreck the lives and businesses of residents unfortunate enough to be stuck in the area. Hiding behind a fig leaf of “respect’ for “tolerance” and “free speech,” these cowards are failing some of the most basic duties of civic governance: the protection of life, property, and public order. Are these business owners and taxpayers second-class citizens, inferior to the “Occupiers?” Do they have no rights?

Do your job, mayors: order the mob to disperse. If they refuse, send in the police and this time don’t call them off.

via Big Government

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Game Day: Vikings at Panthers

Panthers logoIt’s a pretty, slightly chilly (mid-50s) fall afternoon here in beautiful Charlotte, NC. The Panthers (2-5) are preparing to take on the Vikings (1-6) here at home in a game that has me a little excited because we might have a chance to win this one, considering the Vikings seem to make more mistakes on the field than we do. ;)

Rookie QB Cam Newton continues to impress, and needless to say, we Panthers fans hope he has another good day in spite of the fact that we have a defense that’s pretty bruised and banged up – with many on the injured list:

What Newton has done in his first seven games is set rookie passing and rushing records each week while poking holes in the pre-draft arguments that his success in his year at Auburn would not transfer to the NFL – certainly not this quickly.

After a 2-14 season that gave Carolina the No. 1 pick it used on Newton, last year’s Heisman Trophy winner has made the Panthers interesting again. Fox Sports sent its No. 2 crew to Charlotte this weekend to call a game between teams that are a combined 3-11.

Newton, at 6-foot-5 and 248 pounds, has been on the field for each of the Panthers’ 453 offensive plays this season. He is on pace to break Peyton Manning’s rookie record of 3,739 passing yards and needs one rushing touchdown to pass Vince Young as the all-time rookie leader in that category with eight.

It’s those elusive victories that stick like thorns in the sides of Cam and the rest of the Panthers team. Here’s hoping that they won’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory today. Besides, I’ve got them winning in this week’s football pool. :D

Game time: 1 pm ET – on Fox.

Outrageous: Alleged sexual assaults, rapes at #OWS being kept “internal” / cc: #OccupyCLT

The New York Post reports (hat tip: @VelvetHammer):

Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park battened down the hatches yesterday as the early October snow turned their tents into igloos, but the close quarters also made easy pickings for one predator.

A sex fiend barged into a woman’s tent and sexually assaulted her at around 6 a.m., said protesters, who chased him from the park.

“Pervert! Pervert! Get the f–k out!” said vigilante Occupiers, who never bothered to call the cops.
“They were shining flashlights in his face and yelling at him to leave,” said a woman who called herself Leslie, but refused to give her real name.

She said that weeks earlier another woman was raped.

“We don’t tell anyone,” she said. “We handle it internally. I said too much already.”

I don’t have to tell you how troubling this is, not to mention disgusting – especially the fact that there is an apparent “no snitch” policy (sometimes written, sometimes unwritten) at the bigger city “Occupy” movements – including right here in Charlotte. This is dangerous, especially for women seeing as their are more and more reports leaking out about alleged sexual assaults and rapes at Occupy camps across America.

To the ladies at Occupy communes: If you are a witness to a sexual assault, have been told of one, or you are sexually assaulted yourself, and you do not report either what you saw/heard or went through, you have just spat and bludgeoned on on over a hundred years worth of hard work by TRUE women’s rights activists and their battles to empower women to speak up and report to the authorities instances of physical abuse, sexual assaults, and rapes so the perps can ultimately be punished, as they should be. Do the right thing and report these crimes TO THE POLICE!

These places are becoming havens for violence (not to mention filth). And yet the “occupiers” wonder why the hell even Democrat mayors want them to stop camping on city property??