Must be seen to be believed: #OccupyATL votes down chance for Rep. Lewis to speak

I touched on this a little bit in my post on Occupy Charlotte last night, but wanted to expand on it here as I’ve just gotten a chance to watch the video all the way through and to read Fox News’recap. It really is something that has to be seen to be believed. First, the set up – from Fox:

Rep. John Lewis is one of 435 members of the House interminably frustrated by the arcane ways of the Senate. At an Occupy Atlanta protest, he encountered a process arguably worse.

A lengthy video posted online over the weekend showed what happened when the Democratic congressman tried to address an “assembly” of protesters in his home state. Instead of giving the floor to a man who is not just a longtime U.S. representative but a revered civil rights icon, the protesters employed a tangle of parliamentary procedures to ultimately prevent him from speaking.

A stunned Lewis could be seen watching the whole thing unfold before ambling away.

Asked about the incident Monday, a Lewis spokeswoman told “the only comment that we’re going to give is the comments already made.” In a prior interview about the matter with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Lewis said, “It’s okay,” and that “they didn’t really deny me.”

The end result, though, was that Lewis did not get to speak to the protesters.

The procedures they used — rather, invented — would make the Senate blush. Imagine some combination of Model U.N., Lord of the Flies and a Phish concert.

They aren’t kidding. When you’ve got ten free minutes, watch the video for yourself:

You gotta admit, it’s pretty amusing. This, OTOH, is scary:

Radical labor organizer Stephen Lerner of SEIU intends to terrorize the families of bank executives in their homes as part of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

SEIU, a longtime ally of ACORN, has done it before, as ably documented by Big Government’s Liberty Chick.
The home invasions are scheduled to begin Tuesday.

Lerner, a prime architect of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, laid out the Left’s plans to his fellow Marxists at the left-wing Take the American Dream Back conference in Washington, D.C., on October 3, 2011.

Here’s the (audio) of his remarks:

When I read stuff like that and watch disturbing videos like this one of a group of SEIU thugs storming the front yard and front porch of a BOA lawyer last year, I’m reminded just how much the Tea Party is NOT like the “Occupy”/ “Gimme MINE!” movement in any way. Thank God.

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