PHOTO: Occupy Raleigh Sign of the Week: Congress – The Jobs Aren’t In My Uterus!

Just to give you a giggle on this pretty Saturday fall morning (via @now7grandkids):

Well, ok then!
Well, ok then!

What’s difficult to see in that picture is that there is a picture of House Speaker John Boehner … within the uterus. From now7grandkids tweet (bolded emphasis added by me):

Hysterical sign courtesy Raleigh NC OCCUPY.”Hey congress jobs aren’t in my UTERUS! “w/Boehner picture inside” enjoy

Oh, I did, sir – I did very much. Thank you! ;)

Now, if someone steps up and can credibly claim that this picture is Photoshopped or is otherwise “not real”, then I will take it all back. But until then, I will continue laughing and laughing and …

And speaking of laughter, I laughed for a good hour over a series of Tweets posted last night from a Raleigh “occupier” complaining to the @OccupyRaleigh Twitter account about the fact that the police were allowing a homeless man who was apparently escorted out of the Occupy Raleigh camp from the night before back into it. This one, from @royalwcheese, literally made me laugh out loud:

Occupy Raleigh
Occupy Raleigh

I tweeted back to him in response to a related Tweet that the police were probably not doing anything about the homeless man because they couldn’t tell the difference between the homeless man and the rest of the crowd.

The even more interesting thing about this is the fact that just a few days ago, Occupy Raleigh put out an invite for the homeless to join them.

You really canNOT make this stuff up. You just can’t.

All’s well that ended well, however – apparently the homeless man was extremely intoxicated and had other issues, as per @OccupyRaleigh – and an ambulance was called to pick him up. Hope he’s ok (I assume that series of Tweets is about the same homeless man “royalwcheese” was complaining about – not sure how many homeless are camping out at the Raleigh Occupy).

Meanwhile, the infighting drama in Occupy Charlotte that I wrote about a couple of days ago? It’s now made it onto the pages of both the Charlotte Observer and the news site of CBS Charlotte. They’re missing the most important part of the story, which is the “Anon” angle, but oh well. Just remember, folks – ya heard it here first. :D

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