Quote of the Day: On sex and “basic needs” at OWS – Zuccotti Park (UPDATED)

Posted by: ST on October 24, 2011 at 6:44 pm

I am not making this up, y’all. I swear:

Occupy Wall Street is an experiment in communal living, with basic human needs on public display. Even, at times, very intimate human needs.

Outdoor sex has been a topic of discussion at quality-of-life meetings held each afternoon inside Zuccotti Park. Some people have expressed discomfort with sexual activity in their midst, but Andrew Carbon, 26 years old, said protesters generally are loathe to restrict anyone’s behavior.

“To be controlling someone’s own autonomy is a sensitive issue,” he said. “It’s a bad image if it’s visible, but policing it is wrong.”

Anyone else feel like they’ve been in a 60s-era  time warp the last few weeks? Good grief.

Meanwhile, at Occupy Oakland, demonstrating across the street from a local Chase Bank apparently wasn’t enough:

Hundreds of activists with the Occupy Wall Street movement marched Saturday from Oakland City Hall, snaking their way through downtown and around Lake Merritt while they flouted an eviction order.

They closed thoroughfares and freeway ramps, invaded one bank and temporarily shut down another as they spread their message against economic inequality. But after three hours, they returned to City Hall, where they cooked food over open flames, danced and slid back into their tents.

Here’s video of the “invasion” and occupation of the one Chase Bank:

‘Like the Tea Party’, MSM? I don’t think so.

Update/Related – 7:29 PM: From Zombie – Is Occupy Oakland as Bad as They Say? (PHOTOS)

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24 Responses to “Quote of the Day: On sex and “basic needs” at OWS – Zuccotti Park (UPDATED)”


  1. Lorica says:

    Why do these people so often descend into such lowly animalistic ways?? Not that I would agree with these people but don’t they realize that their behavior ruins a great deal of their support?? I suppose the sooner that happens the better for all.

    ‘Like the Tea Party’, MSM? I don’t think so.

    That’s the amazing thing isn’t it?? Where does the TEA party have to hide their faces to make a bunch of pointless noise. Or create a ruckus, or get evicted or…. the list just goes on and on regarding these lowly beings. – Lorica

  2. Carlos says:

    “…danced and slid slithered back into their tents.”

    Thought you might appreciate the correction there, ST…

  3. dindley says:

    agreed, sex is grody. sex is bad. don’t have sex. [-(

  4. ST says:

    Carlos – did you see the Occupy Oakland pix I linked to in the post update? Scary stuff. Bet you see that alot in OR!

  5. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t even think of the sex issue because, of course, what sane human being would consider that in the open at a protest? This disgusts me. Can you believe 130 of them were arrested? :-\”

  6. parentofed says:

    City officials across the country are taking a heck of a risk by allowing these squatters to act at will. They have established a precedent for illegal protests that likely will come back to bite them in the butt.

    I remember the 60s protests very well; the tolerance of the authorities only ramped up the bad behavior of the protesters. You assume they have limits of decency, but far too many don’t.

  7. circletree says:

    I spent my Sunday morning checking out the guys and gals of the “occupy Columbia” protest here in Columbia, SC. These marxists are hoping for violence. I watched three of them approach the State House police officers with a request for water. they acted as if the police were going to beat them down! I spoke with the police officers afterwards and they admitted bewilderment at them.

  8. Carlos says:

    Yeah, ST, I saw the pics. Where I live was one of the first places in the country to elect an avowed communist to its city council, but he only served one term before getting voted out because he was so divisive.

    Whoodathunk that?

  9. Ryan says:

    I can think of some neighborhoods in Oakland they probably wouldn’t dare occupy.

  10. Ralph Gizzip says:

    Stephanie, even filthy, smelly, hippie chicks need love too. :x

  11. Kate says:

    Oh, I see, if you demonstrate in public without a permit, the public must allow any decrepit behavior that may ensue…as with public sex, very nice for the parents of children in the neighborhood. No longer the need for that little talk when it’s put on public display.

    The time must be ticking down on how much more the locals can handle from this crew….if they don’t like banks, then I hope none of them has a bank account. If they want to “go back to nature” why aren’t they at Yosemite Park or some other state park? Oh, I see, no one would bring a camera, no TV no protest I guess.

  12. PE says:

    I hope these people don’t represent more than 1% of the population.

  13. Tom TB says:

    I had temp jobs at Bear Sterns, the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, and worked for the Port Authority of NY&NJ at the World Trade Center, so I know the neighborhood. My prediction: the Fire Department City of New York will start citing them for illegal fires as the weather turns cold, and Brookfield Office Properties will welcome it.

  14. Carlos says:

    Unfortunately, PE, they represent considerably more, like 3 or 4%.

    It’s the 60% of non-participants that think the protesters a) have the “right” to do whatever they want to in public so long as they’re not “hurting anyone,” or b) relate to them through clouded memories of the 60s, that make this all “OK.”

    Unfortunately, also, most of our “leaders” are morons whose brains were partially or totally fried during that time, especially the parts of the brain responsible for common sense and observing social norms.

    This is where the spinelessness of being an “independent” comes into play, and both the lack of judgment and having standards with which to make those judgments shine through brighter than the sun. Some independents are so strictly because they have the ability to make judgments; most are so because of the spinelessness. It’s too bad the spineless ones co-opted the term.

  15. H Hazell says:

    Their commonality to the Tea Party movement is obvious and extensive. It consists solely of both being groups of mammals capable of bipedal locomotion.

  16. H Hazell says:

    Carlos, I’m a registered Independent of many years and elections. It’s not for a lack of spine, nor is for a lack of commitment. No political party impresses me. My conservative tendencies usually have me voting for Republicans or leaving a ballot blank, if I can’t stomach the choices. It did have me miss the mark one time, as I voted for Carol Mosely Braun. It was by absentee ballot while serving overseas, so my research got thin. Yikes! My arm still hurts from that one! But my spine is still very much present and sturdy!

  17. Lorica says:

    as I voted for Carol Mosely Braun.

    If you can admit that, I have no doubt you have spine!! LOL :o)

    I was independant for many years, until I came to realize that voting any Dem in to office is a vote for some crazed lunatic fringe agenda that only benefitted the special interest of the day.

    If the Lord himself told me to vote for a Dem, I would have to tell Him no, then ask if I am being tested. :) LOL – Lorica

  18. H Hazell says:

    Lorica. I’d dearly love to see a solid third party or a strong crop of independent candidates, so I still hang onto the Independent registration. It impedes me from primary voting in my state, but I default to my lack of interest in the “big 2” parties for that. The “big 2” also seem to destroy legitimate independent or third party candidates as quickly as they arrive on the scene. If you know anything about Carol Mosely Braun, you’ll understand how some of her earlier views were rational and even attractive to some conservatives. And then she became a Senator and her progressive ideology (aka mental illness) came out.

  19. Motorcyclist says:

    I’m counting on the hard core entreprenurial spirit of the denizens of lower Manhattan, to clear this savage scourge of feral humans from the streets….no later than the first hard freeze of the winter.

    If it were me (hmmm…) I’d be down there, renting rechargable selzer water bottles or used fire extinguishers, which could be used for turning even the grodiest miscreant into a beautiful ICE STATUE with just a couple of squirts from a safe distance! (sort of like bringing CS Lewis books to life, using recyclable waste..lol)

    Anyway, enjoy the show, but COUNT on capitalism!

  20. Carlos says:

    @HHazell: If you reread my earlier comment, you’ll see I left room for those “independents” who have a spine but are too disgusted with either major party to be identified with either.

    That said, I was generally referring to those lovable wusses that comprise the approximate “20%” in the middle that both parties say they’re targeting because those are who swing elections.They’re the ones who want to vote their pocketbooks but only when their “hearts are in the right place.” Alterable justification is their main ethical stand.

    ‘Course, old Ronnie never targeted them. He just said “Here’s what I am and here’s what I stand for, come along if you like.” That’s what drove the establishment Repub elites nuts ’cause it took their importance (and elitism) away.

  21. H Hazell says:

    Carlos, I’m with ya! I did understand your point was about those who wave in the breeze. I wasn’t voicing opposition, I was inserting one of the many reasons people stay independent and pointing out some of the costs of doing so. Voting for Carol Mosely Braun is one of those things that still brings me to chuckle when a heavy dose of garlic from dinner wakes me at 2 AM.

  22. Carlos says:

    HHazell, I thought CMB IS a heavy dose of garlic at 2AM!

  23. CAMom says:

    Honestly, if this sort of gang activity ever happened where I bank, I most definitely would not have quietly walked out of the bank through the mob. I would have been in their faces, especially with the cameras rolling!!! Insolent folks, barely out of their teens (most of them) thinking the world owes them a living – Let them all see what the inside of a prison looks like –

  24. H Hazell says:

    Carlos, it may be that it takes garlic to keep CMB away at 2 AM.