#OccupyCLT Sign of the Day: “I quit my job to join my occupation”

Posted by: ST on October 26, 2011 at 6:33 pm

Ah yes! Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the so-called “leaderless movement” here in Charlotte now has a USTREAM channel filled with pure comedy gold. At times it’s hard to watch, because you don’t want to admit that people that radically liberal actually live in your home city. I still think my co-blogger, in an attempt to take his state back from Socialists, might have had a hand in deporting some of those California liberals to Charlotte … developing …

Anyway, got a screen grab of what has got to be one of the most ironic signs I’ve seen at any of the Occupy protests, especially when you consider that one of the chief gripes the Occupy movement has is that so many in their ranks are jobless while executives are “getting richer” without sharing the appropriate amount of wealth:

Quit My Job

'I quit my job to join my occupation'

Yes – that is an actual screen cap of an actual sign. I couldn’t make this stuff up on my best day.

Here’s a bonus screencap of a black “Occupier” who was asked by a white “Occupier” to lay on the ground face down with the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag draped across his back. Now, I don’t have to tell you how well that would have gone over with the shameless race baiters at MSDNC had this been the Tea Party.

I’m sure that, along with those popular Guy Fawkes masks, is gonna convince a whole lot of uptown workers that your “cause” is “righteous and just!!!”, Occupy Charlotte. DO keep it up, mkay? :D

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16 Responses to “#OccupyCLT Sign of the Day: “I quit my job to join my occupation””


  1. Keads says:

    I am so glad I don’t have to see this in person! Larson lit them up last week. I will be watching with interest.

    Mind if I cross link?

  2. Keads says:

    Done and thanks!

  3. jann says:

    This whole occupy mess IS the Obama campaign!!!! This is what we will get and what he wants for the country. If Obama is elected, the rule of law will be gone and so will our country as our founders gave it to us.

  4. Phineas says:

    I still think my co-blogger, in an attempt to take his state back from Socialists, might have had a hand in deporting some of those California liberals to Charlotte … developing …

    Danggit! Someone talked… :-l

  5. Carlos says:

    This whole thing has the fingerprints of our Dolt-in-Chief.

    Nay, it has his jackboot prints.

    As noted a couple of weeks ago, these will flame up every once in a while (pretty much settled down during the winter because, Lord knows, ya just can’t have a decent protest in the cold!) until September of next year, when riots will break out in earnest.

    That will cause our Grand and Glorious leader to declare martial law at the end of October, suspend the Constitution, and cancel the elections.

    How else could he possibly stay where he, his wondrous walking walrus wife, and his ‘hood thug gang all know he has a god-given right to be?

  6. Kate says:

    Yes, the need for the Obama National Police is becoming clear. It won’t be to protect the public from this raunchy group, but to incarcerate and reeeducate anyone who doesn’t approve of their point of view. You see, we are the ones in need of indoctrination so that we don’t question the leader.

    Then they will have all they need the executive branch of government overriding the local government and state governments to be able to take action against those who oppose at will. Much like his executive edicts and overriding Congress.

  7. Carlos says:

    This is just one more piece of proof that government indoctrination schools have produced a wide variety of idiots that have not a clue. About anything.

  8. Old NFO says:

    Came over from Keads site, nice post, and I’m STILL trying to figure out what they actually want… Yep, sounds just like obamallama…

  9. And, let’s not forget that Guy Fawkes wanted to…..wait, replace the British government with a Theocratic one? And liberals wear the GF mask? I’m confused. Do the Occutards want to replace the US government with a religious one?

  10. Carlos says:

    Just another in a long, LONG line of brainless twits. Not even much of a useful idiot…

  11. MissJean says:

    Carlos, no, it doesn’t show anything about public school as much as it does about society in general. It used to be that even overworked parents made time for their children’s education -understanding politics, critiquing the news, budgeting for groceries, etc. More and more parents expect schools to supply everything that a family should, from meals to common sense to how NOT to dress like a skank (although there will always be parents who defend their child’s “right” to wear inappropriate clothes). On top of that, the teachers must act as personal secretaries for the parents, calling them or updating webpages to inform them when a kid has a quiz or homework due – because G-d forbid a teenager should be expected to learn organization/time management skills or (gasp!) to tell the truth about whether he has homework.

    Children get the idea that they can live consequence-free because their parents drill it in their heads. It doesn’t matter how they talk; they shouldn’t be disciplined. It doesn’t matter if they show up for school late or not at all; they should be able to pass. And “rank” has its privileges, whether they are a minority (in which case it’s all “racism”) or they are children of the “right people” (in which case, local politics will ensure that they never receive the same consequences as “regular” students).

    The OWS crowd is the result of consequence-free environment. They paid for everything on credit but don’t see why they should have to pay their bills. They mistake “justice” for “whatever helps me walk away scottfree.” They think anything that’s expensive – whether a degree or a house – is better and they deserve the best. What they want, they want now – and anyone who talks about self-discipline or delayed gratification is a reactionary.

  12. Noelegy says:

    MissJean, that is exactly right. Ten or so years ago, I belonged to a Usenet newsgroup where a frequent topic of discussion was the culture of Self Esteem: where trophies are given for participation, where there are no winners or losers, and where valedictorians are no longer chosen because it might hurt someone’s feelings. We wondered then what sort of adults these children, who’d been protected from all pain and unpleasantness and disappointment all of their foam-padded lives, would grow up to be. Now we know.

  13. Carlos says:

    Ah, sadly I agree with some of what you’ve said, MissJean, but it’s been the schools that have exploited the “no consequences” culture. The parents are just following the dictums that they were taught years ago but aren’t capable of the thought processes needed to figure that out, so pass it on to their progeny.

    Are parents (in general) culpable? of course they are. And yes, they have abdicated much of their proper roles to the education system.

    But it’s been that system that has skewed “the norm” to what these guiltless weasels are today.

  14. ant says:

    Man, I’m just hoping “Occupy Philly” gets larger because I really need work and will gladly take a job left vacant by the ‘oppressed’.