Occupy Oakland and Atlanta Open Thread

Police in Oakland are clashing (literally) with thuggish “Occupiers” who once again took to the streets after they were forced to leave today, their camp dismantled. Watch live video here of events. Trust me when I say “Occupiers” across the country are standing in “solidarity” with these morons. They WANT something bad to happen so they can scream to the top of their lungs how eeevil and brutal the police are.

Meanwhile, police at Occupy Atlanta have surrounded and ordered “campers” to leave the commune. That may be where the next tear gas battle begins. Digging for a live link to that one as well. Update: Here it is.

This is what anarchy looks like, peeps. Notice it happens most often in liberal cities? Hmm.

Greece has now come to America. “Their time” has come. The epic battle between The Haves and the Want Yours has officially begun. Thanks, “patriotic” far left liberals. You disgust me.

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