Is it just me, or does #BlackFriday get worse every year?

The NY Post details a number of appalling incidents that happened yesterday, mostly at Wal-Marts – including one where a woman pepper sprayed about 20 people around her so she could get the “deals”she wanted, and a couple of others where shots were fired – and in one of those shooting incidents someone was critically injured.

I’ve never been one to be up and at a store at midnight for the “deal of a lifetime” but I have been at stores at 8:30 a.m. on Black Friday – did that for a couple of years, but never again.  Now if i do any Black Friday shopping it’s either online or later in the afternoon when the crowds have died down some.  It is not worth it to me – all the pushing and shoving and general rudeness takes me right out of the Christmas spirit.

Also, I did hear of a few reports of “Occupiers” occupying stores (either inside or outside of the stores) yesterday, but their planned stunts were mostly epic fails nationwide.  Awww.

12 thoughts on “Is it just me, or does #BlackFriday get worse every year?

  1. Got to the local WalMart at 9:30 for a midnight deal on a television. They had 140 sets — already 90 in line. Problem was, no limit on number per customer. I went home — after walking all the way to the far side of the parking lot to get back to my car.

  2. “Black Fridays” can only have gotten worse, when one considers the gradual onslaught of ungodliness, selfishness, immorality, convenience-and-comfort-at-any-price, etc. in American culture. I used to enjoy hitting amusement parks periodically, but at least 20+ years ago I decided to avoid them, just because of the increasingly noticeable change-for-the-worse in the general public (including park employees)…not 100%, mind you, but you get my drift. This trend is at the root of the various social maladies which “Liberal Intellectuals” like to refer to as “road rage”, “store rage”, “flight rage” and all the rest, which must (according to them) be each treated separately by various “management” classes.

    It will take a whole lot more than some touchy-feely sensitivity training to get this country back on track…if that is still an option.

  3. If we started today, it would take at least two generations to get back to a civil society because the civility that is so near and dear to the NEA is simply a method of producing mindless blobs who will follow any vacuous idiot’s bidding as long as the mindless blob is praised or promised something tangible and immediate.

    The call of the liberal is, if Uncle Sugar won’t give it to you yesterday, take it by force today and claim prior rights.

    “Civility” to a liberal begins and ends with violence (verbal and/or physical) against any who disagree. It’s a wonder more of these things don’t happen.

  4. Heh heh…Carlos, right on. Seeing what’s going on with the OWS miscreants, “Liberal” public figures’ venomous (and stupid to the point of being dangerous) statements and all, it makes you wonder what they have planned for the coming election season.

  5. Black Fridays are most definitely getting worse. Online videos look like footage of riots. Some stores seem to encourage the behavior. One store blew a whistle to start the event. Mobs are allowed to gather in front of the doors instead of in orderly lines. Could it be a strategy on the part of store executives to foster mob thinking?

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  7. I NEVER shop on Black Fridays! Even when it wasn’t the big sales, I didn’t. I cherished having a 4-day weekend and would use the time to do something special. One year, I hung wallpaper for the first (and only) time in my life…all by myself. I told the hubby (ex now) to leave me alone…no quarterbacking, thanks! Anyway, I do think it is getting worse and some, not all, of the stores encourage it.

  8. Just driving to lunch on Friday looked like feeding time at the monkey cage. I may well not leave home next year.

  9. In the inky darkness of Friday morning I left our country bunker and went hunting with my son, who is home for the weekend and my English Setter, Dottie. We were among many other bitter clingers and their fine gun dogs.

    We came home with four pheasants at a bargain price. Mission accomplished : )

  10. There is no way on God’s green earth that you will ever find me shopping in a mob. I live on social security and my savings so saving money is important; but not THAT important!

  11. I did Black Friday exactly one time, about 6 or 7 years ago. Never again. This year I opted to do my shopping on Small Business Saturday, and leisurely enjoyed perusing the wonderful shops on our local ‘Main Street’, stopping for lunch at a local bistro, seeing friends and neighbors out shopping, stopping and talking awhile, and found myself smiling a lot. Got my Christmas shopping done, and had a wonderful time doing it. There’s nothing I ‘need’ badly enough to risk life and limb to shop with those ridiculous mobs

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