Is it just me, or does #BlackFriday get worse every year?

The NY Post details a number of appalling incidents that happened yesterday, mostly at Wal-Marts – including one where a woman pepper sprayed about 20 people around her so she could get the “deals”she wanted, and a couple of others where shots were fired – and in one of those shooting incidents someone was critically injured.

I’ve never been one to be up and at a store at midnight for the “deal of a lifetime” but I have been at stores at 8:30 a.m. on Black Friday – did that for a couple of years, but never again.  Now if i do any Black Friday shopping it’s either online or later in the afternoon when the crowds have died down some.  It is not worth it to me – all the pushing and shoving and general rudeness takes me right out of the Christmas spirit.

Also, I did hear of a few reports of “Occupiers” occupying stores (either inside or outside of the stores) yesterday, but their planned stunts were mostly epic fails nationwide.  Awww.

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