Writing in the new year ….

Warrior woman

Hi there.

(Belated) Happy New Year!

Haven’t written here at the site for a while but have been stationed instead at American Lens alongside my longtime partner in crime Andrea Dillon (who is one of the co-founders of AL) from the famous Lady Liberty website, and other writers with strong voices in the area.

Am Lens focuses primarily on stories of interest in North Carolina that the “big media” here either don’t cover or otherwise give much attention to. A lot of these stories are important and have national implications, or relate in some way to hot button issues being debated in other states as well (like bathroom privacy/safety, voter ID, school choice, etc.) so please don’t hesitate to bookmark it, like it on Facebook, and follow on Twitter as well.

There’s a lot more coming in the future, especially now that we have a new governor and a brand new session of the state legislature underway.

My primary focus there is on media bias, but I take on other topics as well occasionally – especially as it relates to pop culture issues.

Hope to see you there – and I’m gonna do my best to be here more as well in the new year. Also have some other ideas brewin’. Just have to find time in the day! Busy schedule and all that. ;-)

ST in the Media: ST on tonight’s Roundtable Of Extreme Liberty

Wednesday Update – 8:53 AM: Here’s the direct link to last night’s show. :)


Allan Bourdius (@allanbourdius) and Taylor Millard (@EyeDesertBlog) are back live on Vigilant Liberty Radio with a new, live edition of The Roundtable of Extreme Liberty on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific!

It’s State of the Union address night, so we’ll have some instant reaction to the Presidential blather coming out of the House of Representatives – and are three GOP responses to President Obama really necessary? Who’s paying attention anyway?

Then, we’re off to Texas to talk about gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, her playing fast and loose with the facts of her personal story, and her new support base of the proprietors of SeekingArrangement.com. (Can’t stop laughing about that!)

Hopefully we’ll also have time to talk about “Planet Hillary”, where apparently they got rid of personally driven automobiles in 1996.

Joining me will be none other than the Queen of Blogging and Social Media herself – and just all around one of my favorite conservatives ever – Dr. Melissa Clouthier aka “@MelissaTweets“.   Hope you can tune in!

ST 2013

Howdy, y’all : )

ST in the Media: Podcast link to my interview on “Getting Hammered” radio show

Had a great time last night on Stevie J. West‘s and Stephen Hamilton‘s Blog Talk Radio Show called “Getting Hammered”.  We talked about  NC politics, and some disturbing developments with regards to a NC Democrat candidate recruiter group using desperate OWS-style tactics to try to silence myself and other conservatives on social media for using our First Amendment rights to criticize liberals (how dare we!).   For a bit of back story, click here.

I’m on at the half hour mark but the whole show is well worth a staying tuned to. Please click here to listen!

Getting Hammered Radio

Getting Hammered radio show

ST in the Media: Catch me tonight on #MatchGame2013 on @The405radio!

Looking forward to having a little fun tonight with some Twitter friends on Bruce Carroll aka @GayPatriot‘s show Match Game 2013 where the  “stars” are asked humorous questions about current events, and contestants try to match their answers.  Tonight’s stars are:

  • Founder of The Morlock Revolt and SooperMexican’s redneck – Matt Dawson
  • From Breitbart-dot-com, the red-headed Twitter goddess – Mary Chastain
  • Editor In Chief of Pocket Full of Liberty… Georgia’s own  – Jay Caruso
  • Radio host and soon-to-be TV variety & talk show star – the multi-media Tony Katz
  • Genuine conservative Southern Belle, Charlotte North Carolina’s – Sister Toldjah
  • And she’s the right hook from the Left Coast, contributing editor at Pocket Full of Liberty – Amy Otto

Should be a blast! Hope y’all willl tune in tonight online to the 405 Radio at 9PM ET to listen in as hilarity ensues!! :)

ST 2013

Howdy, y’all : )

ST in the Media: ST on The405Radio.com w/ @BiasedGirl and @Cameron_Gray

Meant to post about this in advance earlier tonight but I’m afraid nursing my headache was top priority so I would be in good enough condition to be on the show. :)

My friend and Direct Snap show hostess Mickey White aka @BiasedGirl had yours truly on the 405 Radio along with NRA News producer/reporter/host @Cameron_Gray talking about a multitude of hot topics, including today’s Benghazi hearings, the Gosnell trial, War on Women stuff, and Mark Sanford’s election win last night. It was a treat to be on with both of them and I enjoyed the healthy discussion.

Here’s the direct link to the podcast page in case the below embed link doesn’t work.

My part starts at about half an hour in, but I hope you’ll listen to the whole thing. Great show!

ST takes #WarOnWomen full frontal assault to the radio airwaves (UPDATE: Podcast Link Added)

Make sure to tune in at 9 PM ET to listen (click the “Listen” button on the top right) to Jenn Taylor (@JennQPublic), Lori Ziganto (@snarkandboobs), and yours truly as we take on the #WarOnWomen “feminists” via a full frontal assault. *chuckle* But seriously, this is war!

Sorry for the late notice – have had a hectic day and am just now able to get on my home computer.

Hope you enjoy the show!! :-)

Update- 10:23 PM: I’ll make sure to post a podcast link to the show when/if it becomes available …

Update – 3/16/2012 – 10:39 AM: Here’s the podcast link to last night’s show.  You may need to turn up your speakers a bit as it’s hard to hear me at times – next time I’ll use the landline instead of the cell phone and see if that helps.

ST in the Media: Tammy Bruce interviews Sister Toldjah about OWS

Did a podcast earlier with this evening with reformed liberal and left coast wild woman Tammy Bruce, in which we discussed the various Occupy movements around the country – including Occupy Charlotte, and what it means going forward. You can listen to it here.

I wanted to say more about Occupy Seattle events from yesterday but I rambled a bit and Tammy understandably moved on. :-D


ST in the Media

I was just a wee bit preoccupied last night and neglected to post the link to the radio interview I did this week on FTR Radio with That’s What She Said‘s Lori Ziganto and Jenn Taylor, otherwise known as “@Snarkandboobs” and “@JennQPublic” on Twitter. You can listen to it here. There’s also a podcast link there as well but I’m not sure it’s live yet.

We chatted about the Occupy movement, Joey B’s insane, repeated comments about the Jobs Bill and murder/rape, and liberal “feminists.” Jenn and Lori are both former liberals, like me, which made the conversation quite lively. :) I think you’ll enjoy. I know I did!

ST on the radio – today! (UPDATED)

STGood morning, my dear readers. Yours truly will be on the radio today at 10:00 AM Eastern Time – with DaTechGuy on WCRN Radio.  Topics will include the Wisconsin union drama, Planned Parenthood supporters and their little meltdowns, the budget showdown, possibly fedoras, etc. Be there or be square, dahlings! You can listen via this link. I’m a little rusty, and it IS a morning interview so forgive me in advance for any verbal “typos”! I’m only human. :)

Schedule constraints and other necessary obligations keep me from being on talk radio much these days, but “back in the day” I did my fair share of radio interviews, and had a whole lot of fun in the process.  Click on this link to listen ot them at your leisure (most if not all of the links should still work), and try not to laugh too much at the slight accent.  Only one interview I’ve done since I started blogging is missing, and it was the second interview Tammy Bruce did with me.  One day I might get my hands on that one – I hope! [-o<

Hope y’all are having a good weekend so far. I’ll check back in when I can.

Update 1 – 11:08 AM: My segment is over. Thanks to all of you who tuned in, or at least tried to. Commenters and emailers alike are telling me that the online link to the show was dropped. I’m in the process of trying to get the archived link so you can listen to it if you want to. Sorry about the tech issues!

Update 2 – 4/10/11 – 5:34 PM: You can get the audio link to my interview yesterday here. Enjoyed it!