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On the funding for the expansion of SCHIP and “irrational” criticism of Obama

President Obama’s expansion of SCHIP was signed into law with much fanfare earlier this week, but little known to the casual news follower, in order for this expansion to work at its “best,” it will have to be funded, in part, by smokers who will see taxes on tobacco increase by 155%. So much for the “war on smoking,” eh? We’ll “save the children” at the expense of everyone else. No bigs......   [Read More]

Desperate Democrats deceptively use sick child in radio address to promote SCHIP expansion

Just when you think Democrats couldn’t get any more despicable comes the news that the family of the 12 year old boy they used on their radio address last weekend to promote the expansion of SCHIP – while chastizing the President, who vetoed it – are not as “needy” as they were made out to be, and probably could have afforded health insurance had they not chosen have their kids educated in private school to the tune of around $20,000 each per year, and chosen to live in a home that wasn’t over 3,000 sq ft in a neighborhood where one 2,000 sq ft home recently sold for $500,000. Mark Steyn has the details (h/t: Stop the ACLU)......   [Read More]

The biggest reason to oppose the expansion of SCHIP

I’ve blogged before about the administration’s opposition to the growth of SCHIP on the grounds that it would expand eligibility to people who really shouldn’t be eligible (not to mention expand the size and scope of the federal government). Those are sound reasons to oppose the expansion of SCHIP, but there’s another argument against expanding SCHIP that tops them all: It would lead the way to socialized healthcare here in the US, something Democrat hopefuls for president Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, among others, have essentially called for (although they strongly reject the term “socialized healthcare” because they don’t like that it calls their plans for what they are). .....   [Read More]