State rep gets more coverage than Rangel

Let’s take a look at this morning’s double standard by the liberal media:

Stacey Campfield is a Republican representative in the Tennessee state legislature.  He has made national headlines this morning thanks to this story:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A white Tennessee lawmaker lamenting his exclusion from the state’s Black Legislative Caucus claimed Tuesday the group was less accommodating than even the Ku Klux Klan.

"My understanding is that the KKK doesn’t even ban members by race," said Rep. Stacey Campfield, adding the KKK "has less racist bylaws" than the black lawmakers’ group.

The freshman Republican from Knoxville was rebuffed earlier this year when he asked for the Black Caucus’ bylaws and inquired about joining. There are 18 black state lawmakers in Tennessee.

Caucus chairman Rep. Johnny Shaw, a Democrat, dismissed Campfield’s request and called him a "strange guy" who was simply interested in stirring up trouble.

"Why he chose to focus on the Black Caucus, I have no idea other than he is crazy and a racist," said caucus member Rep. Larry Miller, also a Democrat.

Check the number of mainstream outlets this story has been reported in (via Google News): 50

Now on the other hand, we have the story of Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-Morona, a US Congresional representative, who told the CBC last week at a townhall style meeting in front of black citizens that President Bush was "Our Bull Connor." 

Check the number of mainstream outlets this story has been reported in  (via Google News): 8 – and those sources are the NYSun, NYDaily News and one mention in Time Magazine by Joe Klein.  The rest are conservative-run sites or press releases.

Just yesterday, the NY Sun reported on Democratic support for Rangel’s comments, and noted some especially hateful comments from NY City Council member Charles Barron, who said:

"A KKK without power is not as bad as a George Bush with power."

Check the number of mainstream outlets this quote has been reported in (via Google News): 1 – The NY Sun.  The other link on that page is a press release.

In that same Sun piece, where Al Sharpton is quoted as saying:

"Clearly Bush has become that, especially after Katrina," Rev. Sharpton said. "We’ve gone from fire hoses to levees."

Number of MSM outlets covering that quote? One.  Guess who was the only one?  Yep, the NYSun.

Do a Google News search on any of the outageous quotes in that NYSun story (which I blogged about yesterday) and you’ll find the same lack of coverage from the MSM.

That’s our MSM, doing what they do best – showing their liberal true colors time and time again.  It’s a sad day when a state representative’s comments get more national media attention than a US Congressional representative’s – along with his legions of admirers who think Rangel didn’t go far enough.

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