San Fran supervisors: Impeach Bush!

First they voted against a resolution supporting a bid to move the hisoric battleship Iowa to SF, where it would be converted into a floating museum. Now, there’s this:

San Francisco’s supervisors jumped into national politics Tuesday, passing a resolution asking the city’s Democratic congressional delegation to seek the impeachment of President Bush for failing to perform his duties by leading the country into war in Iraq, eroding civil liberties and engaging in other activities the board sees as transgressions.

The supervisors, in voting 7-3 for the resolution, made it likely that San Francisco again will become grist for radio and TV talk shows. The city has appeared in the national media spotlight recently for voters’ passage in November of a nonbinding measure banning military recruiters from public high schools and for Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval’s recent comment on a Fox News show that the United States doesn’t need a military.

Supervisor Chris Daly, one of the most progressive members of the board, sponsored the resolution, which also calls for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney. Daly said the measure is justified in light of the administration’s case for and handling of the war in Iraq, the federal government’s inadequate response to Hurricane Katrina and recent revelations about a domestic wiretapping program.

“I think the case is clear, and I think it’s appropriate for us to weigh in,” Daly said.

Hmmm. This must be some of that poo power city officials are ‘hoping to harness.’ ;)

On a broader note, here’s a shout out to San Francisco conservatives, who no doubt face uphill philosophical battles daily in one of the most (if not THE most) liberal cities in the US.

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