Pro-America Rally At Lowell High School

This is a repost of a blogpost from Cal over at California Conservative (in response to this issue). From his blog:

Cindy Sheehan shouldn’t be the only voice heard.

via KSFO’s Melanie Morgan:

We are bringing Mark Crowley, Gold Star father, to Lowell on Friday.

I’m putting out a call on the air tomorrow for patriotic San Franciscans and Lowell parents to join us with American flags. Since they will not allow anyone else with a point of view contrary to them on-stage, we’ll take it to the media.

Stay tuned to KSFO’s morning show for more.

WHEN: FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 2006 β€” 9:45AM

Lowell High School is at 1101 Eucalyptus in the Sunset District. It is very close to Stonestown and is located between 19th Ave and Lake Merced on Eucalyptus. If you drive, I suggest parking on Ocean (a block over) as the curb is pretty full beginning at 7:30 when school starts. See you there.

Mel vs. The SF School Board β€” You Decide

Read Melanie’s exchange of emails with SF Education Board member Daniel Kelly. The most recent email is posted at the top, so, if you want to read them in order of occurence, start at the bottom.

Please email Dan Kelly, member San Francisco School Board:

Let them know what you think about their guest speaker, Cindy Sheehan, and demand “SAME DAY, SAME STAGE!”: 415.759.2730, phone; 415.759.2742, fax;, email

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