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Jeff Goldstein has some strong words for the jerks who splashed Michelle Malkin’s home address, home photos, and maps of how to get to her house on their blogs in apparent retaliation for her posting the email addresses and phone numbers of SAW (Students Against War) – the group who were behind the recent nasty anti-military recruiting protest where military recruiters, as a result, were forced into leaving a job fair being held at UC Santa Cruz. Mind you, the email addresses and phone numbers of the SAW members in question were made public by SAW themselves in a press release, which Michelle noted in an earlier post here (see also here). Goldstein writes:

Whether or not you care for Michelle Malkin’s political positions, you should be honest enough to admit that this crusade to try to intimidate her and her familyβ€”a crusade being waged by mostly anonymous cowards who no person in the blogosphere, left OR right, should encourage or countenanceβ€”is both disgraceful and, in the long run, dangerous. Not only that, but the pretext upon which it is basedβ€”the reprinting of a press release (which last I checked was INTENDED to be disseminated, and was in fact, as of yesterday, still available in its entirety on a number of leftwing sites)β€”is so laughable as to be insulting to anyone with even a spark of electricity traveling across his or her grey matter.

So. I am now calling for the very public condemnation and ostracizing of those who would post satellite photos and personal addresses of a their political opponents on the web. I am also calling for the public condemnation and ostracizing of those hyperpartisan bloggers / media figures who condone or applaud such actions.

Count me in.

Check out Michelle’s response to what those on the unhinged left are trying to do. You go girl.

The unhinged hardcore lefties who engage sick stuff like this have a chillingly unhealthy obsession with trying to silence popular righty bloggers they don’t like, don’t they?

Basic human decency and a mutual respect for the right of the voices on the other side of the aisle to speak is just a little bit too much to ask from some people, I guess.

The original DU thread which contained the information is no longer up but Ankle Biting Pundits has posted a note from someone who alerted them to the thread earlier Wednesday:

All of Michelle Malkin’s personal info–name, address, phone–and an remarkable array of aerial photos of her house were deliberately published on Democratic Underground early this morning. Incredibly, they included detailed pics of her house, her street etc.–all helpfully circled in graduated photos that showed her entire subdivision right up to her front door. I have the original post if you would like to see it.

It’s no longer up on DU, but it was for about a half-hour this morning. If you need it, let me know. This was done in ‘retaliation’ for her publishing the names and addys of the military recruiter protestors at Santa Clara/Cruz? University several days ago (even though she put up several notices IN ADVANCE about how to handle the issue if you didn’t want your info published. Their info was also available at several other websites (and still is); they are singling out MM simply because they hate her. I cannot print the names on her blog that they continue to call her…

The Politburo Diktat has a link to another DU thread on this topic that will make your blood boil.

Others slamming the leftist jerks who posted Michelle’s private information: John Hawkins, Bryan Preston, Flopping Aces, California Conservative, Lorie Byrd at Polipundit, Jawa Report

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