McKinney co-sponsors bill ‘honoring’ the Capitol Hill police

This is just priceless:

WASHINGTON — Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who could face criminal charges for allegedly punching a Capitol police officer in Washington, D.C., has signed on as a co-sponsor of a House bill formally honoring Capitol Police officers.

The bill is House Resolution 756, which would officially “Express the gratitude and appreciation of the House of Representatives to the professionalism and dedication of the United States Capitol Police”.

The bill was submitted on April 4, one week after the incident between Ms. McKinney and Capitol police officer Paul McKenna. At the time, Ms. McKinney’s supporters said the legislation was an attempt to embarrass the six-term Congresswoman from DeKalb County. 39 of the other 40 co-sponsors are Republicans.

Maybe McKinney should have thought about showing her respect for the Capitol Hill police before she took a swing at one, and then accused them of racism.

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