Hartford Courant paper excited about Lamont forcing primary

Check out the headline:

Lieberman Wins Nomination, But Lamont Forces Primary!

What’s with the “!”? An indication of excitement in the air at the Hartford Courant, methinks. On to the article itself:

HARTFORD, Conn. — U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman was nominated for a fourth term by state Democrats Friday night, but his anti-war challenger garnered enough delegates to force a primary in August.

Backers of Ned Lamont, a Greenwich businessman who has sharply criticized the moderate senator for his support of the war in Iraq, shouted with delight after learning their candidate will be the first to challenge Lieberman to a primary.

Lieberman won 1,004 of the 1,509 votes cast at the state convention, while Lamont won 505. Lamont captured 33 percent of the delegates, well more than the 15 percent he needed to force the primary.

Sean Smith, Lieberman’s campaign manager, downplayed Lamont’s delegate support. He said Friday’s vote showed that Democrats in Connecticut still back the veteran senator, despite his support of the war.

“I think we’re moving into friendlier territory,” Smith said of the Aug. 8 primary. “There are 600,000 Democrats who are going to be heard from before this is over.”

Lieberman worked Friday night to fend off Lamont’s challenge, reminding convention delegates that he stands for more than his support for the war. He held a barbecue for delegates in the parking lot of the Connecticut Expo Center to smooth things over.

Lieberman said he has called hundreds of delegates in recent weeks, talking about the environment, his support of the U.S. Submarine Base in Groton, education and other issues.

“I’m a proud Democrat and I’m going to carry the battle forward,” said Lieberman, who had to leave the convention early to observe the Jewish sabbath.

Lamont said he believes the level of support he received at the convention will send a message to Washington that people are fed up with the war.

“They are saying this war was a mistake and bring the troops home,” he said. “I think 33 percent of the people in the convention are telling people in Connecticut and Washington they want a change.”

The militant anti-war left in CT spoke out yesterday – and they essentially said ‘let’s cut and run in Iraq.’ That’s Lamont’s position, and they support it.

Defeat for America in Iraq would be a victory for the hardcore anti-war left in America. A sad commentary, isn’t it?

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