As if the moonbat conspiracy theorists couldn’t get anymore “out there”

… you’ve just got to see the latest 9-11 conspiracy theorists’ ‘experiment’ that supposedly ‘proves’ that the Twin Towers collapse on 9-11 happened because the gov’t ‘made it happen.’ John Hawkins has a preview with links to the actual posts.

Speaking of moonbats, here’s a roundup of moonbattiness gone even wilder, courtesy of Gateway Pundit – including a link to a column titled: “George W. Bush is dead to me” …..

As Richard Cohen so accurately noted back in May, the hatred is back.

Update: More moonbats gone wilder: The Commissar has a link roundup of whining from the ‘bats over Joe Lieberman’s verbal thrashing of anti-war candidate Ned Lamont in Thursday’s Lieberman-Lamont Senatorial debate. Heh.

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