Showing gratitude to our troops for helping evacuate US citizens in Lebanon

This past week we’ve seen an embarassing amount of public ungratefulness shown by US citizens in Lebanon complaining about the evacuation process (for starters ‘why should we have to pay the US gov’t for our evacuation?’ and ‘if you’re gonna bring food for us, bring it for others!!!!’ and ‘what’s takin’ you so long?’). I hope the folks complaining loudest about the ‘slow’ evacuation process to the media don’t take it out on our fine military men and women helping to evacuate them, but in case it has, Malkin has up a great post expressing MUCH thanks to US military servicemen and women who are taking part in the evacuation of Americans from Lebanon.

I echo her sentiments as well: Thank you.

Here are the latest developments on the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.


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