6 of 11 missing Egyptian students detained at O’Hare International Airport

Story here:

CHICAGO – With airline employees and police at O’Hare International Airport working in a heightened state of alert Thursday morning, a Delta Air Lines ticket agent became suspicious of a young Egyptian man who was agitated and trying to board a flight with an invalid ticket, police said.

Within minutes, she and the Chicago police officer she called for help learned that Ahmed Abou El Ela, 21, was one of 11 missing Egyptian students wanted by immigration authorities because they failed to show up at Montana State University for a study program. The police officer, Tim Bolger, arrested El Ela and police later turned him over to federal immigration agents for questioning. He remained in federal custody Thursday evening.

Here’s background on why we should be concerned about these men, who simply vanished from JKF airport just a few days ago.

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