Allah is on top of a developing story about a photojournalist who has accused (scroll down on that link) Lebanese wire service photographers of digging up bodies of dead children in Lebanon and staging them for photographs.

As Drudge would say, developing …

More: ST reader Severian makes a great point:

Information warfare at it’s finest, control the media and the tone of the images used. Up until now, they were able to do this without anyone noticing due to complacency and worse from the MSM. Now, thanks to the New Media, this is starting to get some attention, but not as much as it should.

Make no mistake, the IslamoFascists have accurately determined our vunerablilty to infowar of this type, and are damned good at exploiting it. The fact they have support from a lazy at best, supportive at worst, news media just makes it that much easier.

I wrote in this post how Islamofascists manipulate the media and consequently the people reading the news stories they publish about how ‘destructive’ and ‘indiscriminate’ western forces supposedly are as it relates to carrying out the war on terror.

I wrote this last month that the war on terror is not the only war we’re waging as it relates to Islamofascism:

We fight battles on two fronts now: on the actual battlefield itself, and the battle over public opinion both home and abroad. FDR and war presidents prior to him, while indeed facing criticism from the media over certain aspects of their respective wars, didn’t have to deal with 24 hour news networks where war stories saturate the airwaves, and insta-analysis both on the news nets, in print, and online in the way that today’s Western leaders do.


Think about how the media coverage – which was a lot more confined back in the Vietnam war era than it is today – and how the slanted, one-sided coverage affected our ability to effectively wage a war. Magnify that 100-fold, and you see what leaders in Western countries (specifically the US) have to take into consideration today when deciding whether or not to wage war.

Some would say “to hell with public opinion – let’s do the job, and worry about the repercussions later.” While I understand the sentiment behind that, I don’t think it’s questionable that Western leaders today have to find that balance between how to effectively wage war and keep the public supportive of the war efforts. Because when the public becomes unhappy and lets their leaders know it, the result is a Vietnam-style pull out – which, I don’t have to remind anyone, only emboldens our enemies.

Kind of hard to do, when they’ve (western leaders) got the MSM acting as unquestionable arbiters of ‘the real truth’ regarding all aspects of how we wage the war (whether at home or abroad) (via their ‘on the scene’ interviews, reports, and photographs, not to mention the various domestic leaks in the last few years which have harmed our ability to track and find terrorists) working against all we are trying to accomplish in the global WOT.

Stories like these are spurred on, of course, by those ‘seekers of truth’ on the far left, who don’t care that leaks harm our national security and assert that we ‘have a right’ to see ‘what we’re [the US] is really doing over there to poor innocent Muslims.’ I used to think they were ignorant as to what things like this do in terms of influencing opinions here at home as well as globally, but over time I’ve learned to believe they understand exactly the negative influence leaks and saturation of bad news (as well as news that very well may be staged or faked) have on people. That’s why they continue to seek their version of ‘the truth.’ It’s an invention of an alternative reality on their part, aided and abetted by an all too willing anti-war/anti-military/anti-Bush press, in a twisted attempt to turn people against ‘cowboy diplomacy’ – as personified by President Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Israel. Prove that their tactics ‘kill more good guys than bad guys’, prove that their domestic terrorist monitoring programs ‘target more innocents than guilty’ and you strike a blow to the very heart the WOT.

It’s all about bringing down Bush – and to a lesser extent Blair and Israel, by any means necessary.


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