Throwing out the race card on Katrina response – again

This time from re-elected New Orleans Mayor Ray O. Nagin:

INDIANAPOLIS (Aug. 19) – New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on Friday blamed racism and government bureaucracy for hamstringing his city’s ability to weather Hurricane Katrina and recover from the disaster that struck the Gulf Coast nearly a year ago.

In remarks to the annual meeting of the National Association of Black Journalists, Nagin said the hurricane “exposed the soft underbelly of America as it relates to dealing with race and class.”

“And I, to this day, believe that if that would have happened in Orange County, California, if that would have happened in South Beach, Miami, it would have been a different response,” Nagin said.

I dunno – I hear Miami has a heavy Hispanic/Latino population, so the response would have probably been purposely slow there as well. He may have a point on Orange County in California, though. /sarcasm

Perhaps Nagin needs some geography lessons? Or maybe lessons on how not to be a such a flaming hypocrite on racism would be more in order?

Hat tip: ST reader Dana R. Pico


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