About those polls …

The GOP is tanking in the polls as a result of the trumped up Foleygate scandal, and as a result, the Dems and media are gleeful and more optimistic than ever that liberals will snag back control of Congress next month.

AJ Strata takes a look at those polls, and puts things in perspective for conservatives going into next month’s elections. Essentially he says to conservatives who might feel hesitant about voting this year: don’t stay home. Please vote.

Though there is some definite disappointment in the air with the Republican party, the best reason (in my view) to pull that lever for the R’s this November is Iraq. The thought of having the fate of Iraq rest in the hands of Democrats is enough to keep me awake at night. So is the thought of Democrats trying to impeach Bush over Iraq “lies” they know he didn’t tell – because they made the same or similar statements about Iraq as well over the years. House Democrats are salivating over the idea of impeaching Bush, even though Nancy Pelosi would like for people to think otherwise.

There is a lot at stake. Stop The ACLU is on the same wavelength, and has a roundup of other conservative bloggers who feel similarly.

Update: UGH (scroll).

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