What a Dem Congress would look like

Jason at Texas Rainmaker linked up yesterday to a must-read piece written by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, in which Gingrich explained what Republicans need to do to win this election and what a Democratic Congress would look like if they don’t. It’s lengthy, but well worth the time it takes to read it. Print it out and read it later today if you can’t examine it in depth right now.

On a related note, Dan Riehl channels Karl Rove by examining some – shall we say ‘noteworthy’? – liberals that have made headlines recently and makes a visual case for voting Republican this fall.

More: Matt Margolis writes about who “gets it” when it comes to understanding the threat we face in the WOT, something important to remember going into the fall elections.

Related: John Hawkins blogs about the Democrats top 20 pick-up opportunities in the House.

Related II: Karol at Alarming News points to some comments made by Rep. Tom Reynolds’ opponent Jack Davis, who thinks shaking hands with voters is ‘old politics.’ Via Bob McCarthy at Buffalo News:

Reynolds will be out shaking hands and kissing babies; Davis will let his ads do the talking.

“That’s old politics,” he said last week about retail campaigning. “I’d rather spend my time working or answering e-mails.”

Yeah, who needs to go out and meet with the common folks, when dishonest campaign ads and a willing MSM will do your talking for you?

Related III: Tom Maguire says this election is ‘far from over’ – and provides links to comments being made by worried Democrats.

(Hat tip for the Texas Rainmaker link: ST reader sanity in the comments here)

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