Vlogcasting Excellence

Here are links to a couple of vlogcasting segments that I think you’ll enjoy:

—- Michelle Malkin interviews the one and only masterful Mark Steyn (swoonorama) over at Hot Air. This is part one of a two part series. The second part will air Friday.

—- The superfabulous Mary Katharine Ham vlogs today about moonbatty Dems getting more moonbatty right here before the election, and the call put out by the HuffPo to “take to the streets” if Dems lose next month (which I blogged about late last week).


—- I know this isn’t a vlog, but all the same I wanted to link to it because it’s a video of highlights from the President’s press conference earlier today, where he talked about our strategy in Iraq. Malkin liveblogged it and Greg Tinti has some related thoughts and will be posting video and a trancsript of the press conference later today.

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