Another blackface Photoshop from the far left

The first time around it was Nutroots activist and Lamont supporter, far lefty blogger Jane Hamsher.

We have another instance of this type of asinine and juvenile behavior happening today. Blue Crab Boulevard has the details of the latest instance of a far left blogger thinking it’s funny and entirely appropriate to create and post an image of someone in blackface.

In both instances – both Hamsher’s and the one BCB notes, you’ll see that the issue that the two people were blackfaced over had nothing whatosever to do with race. I think instances such as these prove that when it comes to having racist tendencies, Democrats have them far more than the public face they’d like you to see.

It may be time for Halloween and thus the time for the wearing of scary costumes, but Democrats wear the mask of “tolerance” year round. However, every once in a while, the mask slips off, and then you understand why they wear it: because what’s underneath it is very, very ugly.

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