What will happen next Tuesday?

Will the GOP retain both houses? John Hawkins surveyed righty bloggers (including yours truly) and here are their responses to that question.

For the record, I predicted the GOP would barely hang on to the Senate, and would barely lose the House. I made some predictions back in early October on a few races as well.

Feel free to weigh in with your own predictions in the comments.

What are the pundits and media saying and writing this morning about the elections, and other issues related to the elections? Let’s take a look:

—- Weekly Standard executive editor Fred Barnes writes about how elections six years into an incumbent president’s time in office usually aren’t so good for that president’s party. That, hopefully, will not be the case this time around.

Michelle Malkin continues ripping the far left anti-military nuts a new one in her latest column and Vent.

—- The Denver Post has an article up about a race Democrats hoped were going to go their way: Colorado’s 5th Congressional district, which leans heavily Republican (and is currently represented by Republican Rep. Joel Hefley). A new poll suggests, however, that that seat may not be a pickup for Dems, as Republican Doug Lamborn is now leading that race by 7 points. Earlier this month, a Denver post poll showed him and his opponent – Democrat Jay Fawcett – tied at 37 each.

—- Dick Morris: It’s up to the GOP base

—-The last two polls for the TN Senate race have shown Republican Bob Corker go from a tie with Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. to leading.

—- Has the Michael J. Fox ad had an impact? Demagogue Claire McCaskill is now leading Senator Jim Talent, per the latest two polls.

—- Find out more about Michigan’s Proposition 2, which the NYT says “would amend Michigan’s Constitution to bar public institutions from considering race or sex in public education, employment or contracting” here. P2 is facing a lot of opposition in Michigan, including from the Republican challenger for governor there – Dick DeVos.

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