Election-eve poll mania and predictions

About 14 hours before voting starts in many parts of the country, and we’re seeing all kinds of new polls popping up – Memeorandum (more here) has links to the latest ones, showing gains for Dems, a surge for Jim Webb in Virginia … it’s madness right here at the homestretch.

Wanted to give ya’ll a final opportunity to make some election predictions here in the comments. I posted a few about a month ago, which I will repost now:

Lamont seems to have lost momentum in CT and isn’t polling well – I feel pretty confident in predicting that Joe Lieberman will win that Senate race 56-41 with 3% going to Schlesinger.

The race for Senator Bill Frist’s seat is tight, and Ford and Corker have been going back and forth with single digit poll leads. This one’s going to be close, but I hear Ford is campaigning well in TN as a moderate and I predict that seat will go to Democrats in a nailbiter. That’s not how I want it to go, but that’s how I think it will.

Racial politics aside, I think Sen. George Allen will hang on to his Senate seat in Virginia.

I also predicted a few days ago that the Republicans would barely hang on to the Senate, and barely lose the House.

Your turn to make predictions! :)

BTW, do you typically have a time that you like to vote? I usually try to get mine done first thing in the morning. And speaking of in the morning, I’ll be on Allman and Smash’s show tomorrow at 7:45 a.m. Eastern time to talk quickly about election day. I understand they’ll be having lots of bloggers on tomorrow morning, so it sounds like it’s a show that will be well worth tuning in to.

Update I: The WaPo’s “The Fix” blog has some opinions on the best political ads of 2006. Check ’em out here.

Also, remember this as you go into the voting booth tomorrow.

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