MSM, Dems continue to parrot the “if we lose, the elections should be considered stolen” talking point

I’ve written about the MSM’s attempts at laying the groundwork for excuses Democrats can use if they don’t win back Congress tomorrow in the following posts:

This morning, Malkin points out that one day before the elections, they’re still at it – and Pelosi’s joined in. These are classic examples of how, as I’ve discussed before, Democrats aren’t into self-introspection. It’s always someone else’s fault – because no sane, intelligent person could rationally reject the Democrats agenda, could they? Simply put, it’s arrogance personified.

In the meantime, some liberals are working to ensure Democrats win tomorrow – and they’re doing so by infiltrating Republican get out the vote efforts.

I’ve said before and will say it again: these people won’t accept anything less than a total Democrat victory tomorrow, and in order to make it happen they will utilize any means necessary.

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