Overnight election results (UPDATE: TESTER WINS)

I’d felt pretty good about the Missouri race both on the Talent and Amendment 2 front, but it looks like Republicans who were worried about those outstanding votes from St. Louis and other areas were right. Not only does demagogue McCaskill win, but the fraudulent Amendment 2 passed.

Fox is saying Montana is too close to call, and there is going to be a battle in Virginia as there is one percent left to count, and there will likely be a recount. I’m also hearing absentee ballots have to be counted in VA as well.

Fox is also talking again about how several moderate to conservative Democrats won and how that may affect Nancy Pelosi’s priorities in the House.

Bad night last night all the way around – I’ll be anxious to see what turnout numbers look like and the breakdown by party affiliations.

Update I: Looks like we may have a recount in Montana, too:

(D) Tester 194,914 49%
(R) Sen. Burns 193,179 48%
99% reporting

PM Update: Democrat Jon Tester wins in Montana. I don’t hold out any hope that Allen will retain Virginia.

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