What the far left expects from the Democratic Congress

Nutroots City limitsWhile the new majority Democrats are promising investigations and inquiries galore, as well as working on perfecting their Iraq cut and run strategy, their far left base is not going to let so-called “centrist” Democrats forget exactly who put them over the top last Tuesday.

As a reminder, the LA Times prints a laundry list of Nutroots demands and expectations.

Fasten your seatbelts, ya’ll. The next two years are gonna be a very bumpy ride.

Related: Karl at Protein Wisdom factchecks this NYT editorial piece where they falsely claim that Republicans “exercised virtually no oversight of the administration’s misconduct of the war” – while noting that they expect the Democrats to right that “wrong.”

Apparently to the NYT, there was virtually “no oversight” on the admin’s “misconduct” of the war because they disagreed with the conclusions that came from that oversight. Natch.

PM Update: Ugh. Even more depressing.

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