“24” is a manly man show …

… which must be the real reason Keith Olbermann doesn’t like it.

Johnny Dollar’s commentary on KO’s reaction to “24” is priceless:

The next enemy in Monkeymann’s sights was the eeevil tv show, “24”. It must be eeevil, it’s eating into the meager Hour of Spin ratings. He contrasted the reception the show gets to the reaction to Al Gore’s movie. Attention Krazy Keith: Gore’s film is supposed to be a documentary. “24” is fiction. It’s not real. You know, like Sponge Bob. You should say to yourself it’s just a show, you should really just relax.

Olby’s intro talked about using fear to scare people to vote the way they want (yeah, that Kiefer Sutherland is on Karl Rove’s payroll), and KO took special note of the mushroom cloud, citing it as the administration’s “imagery” for the Iraq War.

All right, stop the tivo! Is Keith really this much of a nitwit, or is he dishonestly pretending this is something new? America was attacked by nukes on tv decades ago in The Day After. How about the recent movie The Sum of All Fears? More to the point, just last season a series ran called Jericho. On this program, multiple US cities were hit with terrorist nuclear attacks. You can see an image from this show to the right. Where was Citizen Keith with his moral outrage? How many times did he condemn this on The Hour of Spin? Here’s a hint: Never! Of course, Jericho was on CBS. Could that be why the discredited sports guy ignored it, but is now blasting a show on Fox that affected his ratings? Ya think?


I really don’t know how J$ manages to sit through watching KO’s show every night.

Forget the wimpy attitude. Let’s hear it for manly men (scroll)!

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