More on the MSM’s anti-conservative bias re: Republican presidential candidates

I blogged Saturday about the blatant anti-conservative bias the Associated Press displayed this weekend over Senator Sam Brownback’s announcement that he was running for president versus Senator Clinton’s. Hillary’s announcement was reported in glowing terms (still happening today), whereas Brownback’s was treated as though he’d just declared he was joining up with Al Qaeda.

Mark Finkelstein at Newsbusters notes today how that bias was also on display on NBC’s Today show this morning, and has video of the Kelly O’Donnell segment.

Be ready for a lot more of this as the media lays the groundwork for letting you know what Democratic candidates you should support versus what Republican candidates you should be ‘warned’ about.

In related Election ’08 news:

  • Senator Chuck Schumer is salivating over the possibility of a Dem in the WH in 2008.
  • NM Governor Bill Richardson made his desire to run for the Dem nomination for prez. official yesterday
  • Tom Bevan takes a look at some recent polls on the ’08 Democrat hopefuls.
  • An announcement is expected any day now on whether or not Senator John Kerry will make another run for the WH.
  • Florida and California are contemplating early primaries.

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