Stop playing the victim card, Speaker Pelosi

For a primer on this story, Bryan at Hot Air writes about the Speaker Pelosi/military plane flapola here.

I think a lot of this is being overblown, and one of the things that irritates me the most about the story the most is Pelosi’s accusation that this brouhaha had to do with the fact that she was a woman, which makes no sense, because Bill Clinton faced similar scrutiny when he was criticized for renting out the Lincoln bedroom, and obviously that had nothing to do with his gender (and before the usual suspects jump me on that, I know that the situations weren’t entirely the same). If Nancy Pelosi wants to run with the big boys, she needs to get a thicker skin. That doesn’t mean she can’t take issue with how she gets treated, but I hope she doesn’t use the “it’s because I’m a woman” line everytime she faces significant heat from Republicans about something.

Although I know playing the victim card is the standard MO for the Democratic party, Pelosi needs to toughen up and understand fully that the position she’s in puts her under intense scrutiny, and to remember House (and Senate) Speakers from the past – all men – who were heavily scrutinized (sometimes fairly, sometimes not so fair) by the opposition and some of those Speakers paid the price for it. They were scrutinized not because they were men, but because they were in positions of power and prime targets for the opposition. Pelosi needs to toughen up and realize that she’d be a target for Republicans even if she were a man.

So file that victim card back in the deck, Speaker Pelosi, and start demonstrating some of that strength you want us to believe you have, because Republicans are more than eager to fight back strength for strength. I’m sure there will be other issues you’ll feel you need to use the card on, but this one shouldn’t be one of ’em.

PM Update: Check out Pelosi’s ‘plane’ – LOL ;)

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