Yet another reason why Hillary Clinton should not be Commander in Chief

Sweetness and Light has the details of Senator Clinton’s plans for Iraq, should she get elected Commander in Chief.


This is, as S&L notes, a flip flop on her part (before, she wanted troops out of Iraq by the time the next President – presumably her – is sworn in) but it’s one of those flip flops that aren’t funny.

For anyone curious as to the depths of Senator Clinton’s contempt of the military, the book Dereliction of Duty, written by former ‘nuclear football’ carrier (under President Clinton) Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, USAF, Ret. He focuses primarily on Bill Clinton’s disdain of the military (among other things), but there are some interesting tidbits about Senator Clinton’s hatred, too. The closest this woman should ever get to the WH is right where she is now.

Hat tip: ST reader NC Cop

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