On Hillary “cultivating relationships” with the military: A reader responds

In response to my post about Hillary Clinton’s lame attempts to “cultivate relationships” with the military, reader C.M. Anderson emails:

The Clintons are despised right up there along with Jane Fonda and John Kerry with the military. I should know…my husband is a retired Naval officer (he retired in 1994) and I have many active duty and retired friends. Some years ago when Bill Clinton was President, he and Hillary visited a carrier my husband had previously been assigned to. One of his shipmate subordinates and friend visited us upon his return and he said the majority of the crew were not thrilled to have them onboard and when one of Clinton’s people made a condescending remark, he asked to be relieved of whatever he was tasked to do at that particular time related to their visit. The request was granted.

And I also heard from a reputable source that she tasked a Marine serving at the White House with fetching her coffee and did so in a very condescending manner. There were other things the Clintons and their staff did to demean the military in their presence….mostly her. I am sure if you asked around of some of the retired military who can speak now about their experience around them, you would have plenty to write about. I wish someone with connections would pursue that. God help us if she is elected President.

‘Nuff said.

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